Russia sanctions Mark Zuckerberg, LinkedIn’s Roslansky and other American leaders

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The Russia sanctions Mark Zuckerberg. True, this is not a joke. Following the sanctions against RussiaRussian organizations and the Russian Foreign Ministry have issued one list of US figures prohibited from entering the country – and it will be in time undetermined. Let’s find out all the details together.

Russia sanctions Mark Zuckerberg – and beyond

Among the US figures that they cannot enter Russia we find the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg; LinkedIn CEO, Ryan Roslansky; the vice president Kamala Harris and journalists and other figures with profiles that, according to Russia, “promote a russophobic agenda”.

The only figure that, at the moment, is not included in the list is Parag Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter. This is all rather strange why Twitter has been proactive like Facebook of Meta inact on Russian disinformation; on the other hand, however, it still remains a lucrative channel per RT.

The list also represents an extension of Russia acting for close o restrict access to a number of Western platforms that do not comply with its rules on the dissemination of information. These penalties and interruptions, for example, include the total block to platforms such as Facebook e Instagram; it was also restricted access to Google News and have been issued warnings on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Apple, Google, Microsoft and many others have closed o paused operations in the country following the numerous sanctions imposed on Russia – and which continue to increase. However, it seems that Russia has also decided to act e this list of sanctions proves it.

Across the official site of the Foreign Ministeryou can find the complete list of people banned from the country. Russia also promised that will add more names.

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