Fortnite: Zero Construction mode added permanently

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The Zero Construction mode was originally scheduled for a limited time, but has now been announced as it will be permanently added to Fortnite

It has been underway for several days to the brand new season of Fortnite, and among the many innovations that were presented in the game there was also a real one revolution of the movement and combat system of the title. In fact, the development studio Epic Games has not only decided to add an enhanced tactical trigger together with the ability to climb the walls, but has also completely removed (at least for these first 9 days) the possibility of building barricades, a feature that has always characterized the gameplay of Fortnite. The fact was also explained on a lore level through a cinematic trailer, where Sloan pulled out a device that later wiped out all the buildings in the area. In fact, many users had long requested that the constructions were somehow limited within a mode of its own, and it seems that this temporary “experiment” carried out by Epic Games has finally led the company to permanently add the “Zero Construction” mode in Fortnite.

What will be found in the permanent Zero Constructions mode

Since the buildings were swept away, it had been made more difficult to maintain elevated positions, and for this reason it was added climbing. It, as already happens in Apex Legends, has made it possible to climb walls that are not too high to reach enemies or defend more easily. Without the ability to build, in Zero Costruzioni the first line of defense is made up of an additional and rechargeable shieldand to reach the dirigibles you will need to use the elevators. With the removal of the build possibility we can see un profound gameplay change, which has become much more vertical and tactical, relying only on the pure skills of the players with the weapons and items obtained in the game. Perhaps, this new game change could bring even the detractors of the title wanting to take a quick look at it.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has released another new trailer to inaugurate this new permanent mode, and which goes to show the Zero Construction mode in action inside Fortnite. To play it you simply need to check the Single, Couples, Trios and Teams playlists within the Discover page (once you enter the lobby, just click on the “change” button located above “Play”, thus opening the “Discover” screen). We’ll see if this change in Fortnite will lead the title towards a renewed popularity, elevating it further over its competitors such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.

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