Forza Horizon 6: a job posting that bodes well

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Good news for Forza Horizon 6 development, a recent job announcement seems to portend the game will happen

Although the Playground Games development team (which has dealt with the series since its debut in 2012) is grappling with the remake of the legendary Fable, it certainly does not seem to want to “give up” on Forza Horizon 6. A job advertisement seems indeed confirm this hypothesis, but let’s go ahead with some order.

Forza Horizon 6: help wanted (desperately)

Playground Games ha dunque posted a job ad for a Level Designer on GameJobs adding that the candidate will be able to join the team for the next triple A specifying, then, that this is the new and long-awaited open world racing game.

Playground Games is looking for a Level Designer to be included in our Forza Horizon team (6 ed). As a member of the AAA title design team, you will take responsibility for large sections of the game’s level design, as well as mentor and lead the team’s junior mates.

Forza Horizon 6: a job posting that bodes well

It therefore seems that the new racing title is in the early stages of development given the type of figure sought, in this regard why not give it a thought ?, so the fans will have to bear a little more patience since there are no official dates. At most you can “console” with the updates of the fifth chapter (here you will find our more in-depth review) that it has added some Ferraris and fixed some bugs.

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