Four reasons why PC support is still essential

Quattro ragioni per cui è ancora fondamentale il servizio di assistenza PC

Not all of them are so practical as to be able to identify any malfunctions and solve them, which is why the intervention of an expert may be necessary

It is not always possible to solve a computer problem related to the use of the PC or its operating system by relying exclusively on the resources available on the web. Here are a number of reasons why, even if you are not a beginner with computer science, we might need someone who is far more knowledgeable and knowledgeable about the subject, such as a specific support team.

Possibility of home assistance

PC that does not start, PC full of viruses, PC that can no longer navigate or connect to Wi-Fi networks, PC no longer able to read an external disk, audio that can no longer be heard, monitor that cannot be seen, pc which may be slow and need formatting. These are just some of the malfunction situations that occur most frequently. The problem, the failure, could concern a fixed PC, not always and only a portable PC. In this case, having a trusted service expert can be of great help. Instead of taking apart the hardware and carrying it around, a consultant will go to your home to carry out an ad hoc analysis and possibly collect it. Once repaired, the computer can also be returned to your home.

Intervention following increasingly frequent updates

Technology today is rapidly evolving, you don’t have time to adapt to a new change.

Operating systems need to be updated more frequently: it is always advisable to carry out updates and not to postpone them too long. However, after the updates, changes may occur that require expert advice. Especially today, some of these updates (such as the security ones) can’t even be postponed. This is why it is important to resort to Microsoft assistance, or to another operating system depending on the device you have: not only for troubleshooting, but also to receive advice on good practices to adopt to improve the performance of your PCs and systems, as well as preventing future problems in case of updates.

Checks after installation

After installing a new update technical problems may arise that require further checks by the assistance for the resolution of any errors and conflicts (e.g. checking the correct use of all programs, checking the correct operation of the peripheral drivers, checking the predefined programs for opening files, etc. .)

Not all of them are so practical as to be able to identify any malfunctions and solve these problems independently, which is why the intervention of a team of experts may be necessary.

Switch to Windows 10

Currently, Windows 10 is the most popular and most used operating system in the world. However, there is still someone who is using its predecessor, Windows 7. However, the transition to the latest Windows operating system is becoming more and more necessary and impossible to procrastinate further. Since this is a rather delicate step, to avoid incompatibility problems it is really important to rely on experts if you are not familiar with the subject.

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