Foxconn avoids Chinese lockdowns by moving iPhone production

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Foxconn it does not intend to deal with China’s “zero Covid” policy and is accelerating it shift of iPhone production to India. The confirmation has arrived in these hours from the insider Ming-Chi Kuo which anticipated the manufacturer’s willingness to significantly upgrade its production facilities in India to absorb part of the iPhone production.

More iPhones will be produced in India thanks to Foxconn

Apple’s iPhones will be produced with increasing frequency in India. Foxconn, in fact, intends to move part of its production from China to India due to Chinese “zero Covid” policies. According to the stime di Ming-Chi Kuoindeed, iPhones produced in India by Foxconn are expected to increase by + 150% in the course of 2023, compared to 2022.

In the medium to long term, however, Foxconn aims to produce 40-45% of “its” iPhones directly in India. Currently, India’s share of iPhone production is limited to just 2-4%. It is therefore a very ambitious program that aims to significantly increase Indian production activities with a focus on the iPhone.

Foxconn has already initiated the necessary investments to support this program. More details regarding Foxconn’s new projects and related consequences for iPhone production should arrive over the next few weeks.