Meta, novità per i creator: dagli NFT agli abbonamenti su Instagram thumbnail

Meta, news for creators: from NFTs to subscriptions on Instagram

Meta announces several news to the Creator Week 2022, to help content creators make a difference: coming soon NFT, subscriptions on Instagram and also new ways to monetize on Facebook. Here are all the tools announced.

NFT, subscriptions on Instagram and more: all the news for Meta creators

At the beginning of the year came the possibility of condividere NFT are Instagram and now this novelty also arrives for Italy. You can connect your digital wallet and also show new types of NFTs, such as videos and animations, on Instagram.

All while supporting the metadata on OpenSeawith blockchain Ethereum, Polygon, Flow e Solana. And wallets like Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Dapper and Phantom.

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Meta also announces the possibility of supporting creators on Instagram with subscriptions in United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. The option, already present in the United States, allows to offer exclusive features and chats only to the most close-knit fans.

Facebook Stars become easier to use, Meta has also enabled them in Reels (for some creators only, for now). Plus there are many new ways to interact. Like the Star Party to celebrate creators when they reach goals, new sets of virtual gifts, the ability to add stars to non-video content, such as photos and posts with text.

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On Facebook comes the possibility of monetizing with music content. Whenever a creator uses licensed music in their Facebook videos and a user follows it for more than 60 seconds, can add some ads instream. And a share goes to the holder of the music rights.

It is also coming to the Professional Mode between Facebook Profiles. Which allows you to monetize with Facebook Stars without giving up the personal experience of the platform. If you are looking for more information, you can read the original Meta blogpost, more and more attentive to creators.

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