Fractured Online è in arrivo su Steam Early Access thumbnail

Fractured Online è in arrivo su Steam Early Access

gamigo e Dynamight Studios announce the upcoming launch on Steam Early Access of their first MMORPG isometrico open world truly dynamic, Fractured Online. According to what has been revealed, the title will be available starting from September 15.

Fractured Online è in arrivo su Steam Early Access

With the launch of Fractured Online are Steam Early Accessplayers will have the opportunity to know the planet Arboreus and its inhabitants, i peaceful Wildfolk. For the first time the title offers a different species from humans is available. This addition therefore gives players more control over theirs style of play and how they want to interact with this open world.

I Wild folk show a strong attachment to nature, living in harmony and fighting everything that threatens the balance of their lands. This connection with nature gives them one natural affinity with druidic magicdrawing power directly from the planet, and are able to transform into theirs animal counterpart at will. Wildfolk are also unique because they have gods sub-species which include the Chadra, similar to the tiger; L’Udoadra, wolf-like; the Nheedrasimilar to the bear, and theWandersimilar to deer.

Each sub-species has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Chadra are capable warriors who are more dedicated to combatwhile Erwydra are naturally more inclined to practice magic.

In addition to the inclusion of a new planet and one new especially, the launch of Steam Early Access marks another important milestone: seasons. Guild members will be able to perform certain game actions to receive Season Points for their group. Each point brings the guild one step closer to the top of the leaderboards. The guild that will rank at the top will earn unique rewards who will offer one series of bonusincluding the Relics of the city capable of generating special buffs.

Finally, the launch of Fractured Online on Steam Early Access will receive regular updates that they will include new areas to discover, new skills to learn and so on. For more information you can consult the official website.

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