Fractured Veil: Early Access coming in 2022

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Fractured Veil is a new survival game set in Hawaii in the near future, after the tropical archipelago was ravaged by time, technology and mutants. Paddle Creek Games developers have placed an emphasis on mutants, multiverse journeys and breathtaking maps, which players will be able to explore on PC via Steam Early Access in 2022.

Fractured Veil arrives in 2022

The once beautiful and tourist-filled beaches of Maui, Hawaii have been completely overrun by hideous mutants, and all the humans left have no choice but to survive as best they can. In Fractured Veil we will be able to explore a vast open world by gathering essential resources and keeping an eye on the threats at our every step. To stay alive we will also have to build shelters, create weapons and armor and fight against the ruthless mutants, always ready to tear us apart.

The maps of the game should be very large and interconnected with each other, while in terms of gameplay Fractured Veil offers both a PvE and PvP sector. According to the developers, the game’s strict rules should allow hundreds of users to play within a map simultaneously, complete with procedural weather effects.

The system will also be implemented Veil Travel, which allows you to switch between servers, allowing players to find the right server for their current needs. The developers also confirmed that the game will have several updates over the months, such as the introduction of outposts managed entirely by groups of players.

Fractured Veil will be released in early access on Steam in 2022, while a Kickstarter campaign should start this September 7th, if you are interested in supporting the project. Also on the Kickstarter page you will find all the detailed information about the game.