Free Guy: the sequel at risk because of Barbie

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Shawn Levy explains how Barbie could impact the Free Guy sequel. Starring actor Ryan Reynolds; Let’s find out all the details together

Il sequel to Free Guy it may never see the light of day. The cause of the sequel risk, according to the director’s latest statements Shawn Levy, is due to the great cultural impact of the latest film by Greta Gerwigtitled Barbie.

Released in 2021 starring beloved actor Ryan Reynolds; comes to life in the imaginary Free City following the bizarre story of a simple employee whose existence is turned upside down. He learned that he was actually the hero of an open world video game and wanted to get to the game’s creators who intended to turn off the video game forever.

Let’s find out all the details together.

Free Guy and Barbie: are they too similar?

After its success, Free Guy seemed ready to give life to the sequel. However, director Shawn Levy explained why Barbie could jeopardize his work:

I think it’s absolutely not safe. We’re developing a sequel, but the truth is, now you have Barbie who has obviously made her mark on a character in a fictional world coming to self-awareness. So, if we were to make a Free Guy 2, we would deviate from the first one

As can be seen in part, the director’s concern is mainly linked to topics addressed in both films, defined between them too similar. In fact, as with the protagonist of Free Guy who comes to the awareness of his own being; a similar path of awareness can be found in the pink protagonist played by Margot Robbie. The journey to the Real World will bring Barbie into crisis, discovering that Barbieland is no longer her home.

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