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Free TV channels arrive on Google TV

Apparently Google TV could soon welcome free TV channels, so as to make its streaming device more attractive Chromecast. According to a recent report, in fact, Google has already held talks with the free and ad-supported streaming television distribution channels (FAST). And these could soon be integrated into the company’s paid services proposal. Indeed, in order not to miss anything, it has also selected a series of smart TVs from well-known companies, including Sony and TCL, with the aim of including them in a future project. But let’s find out more.

Google TV: the platform will also welcome TV channels

A recent report published in Protocol reveals that Google will modify the Google TV services proposal, adding to them free television channels. More specifically, these FAST channels would also include advertising breaks and on-screen graphics, similar to linear channels that can be accessed with an antenna. From what we know, these may already be incorporated into Google’s streaming platform starting in the Fall. Though perhaps the company could wait to announce the initiative in collaboration with its smart TV partners in early 2022.

For the moment, no official news has arrived from the tech giant. What we do know is that Chromecast owners will likely be able to browse channels through a Dedicated live TV menu, which the company has so far only used to offer access to paid TV services, such as YouTube TV. And on smart TVs, streaming channels should be presented alongside over-the-air programming that can be accessed with an antenna.

This initiative mirrors how TV makers like LG and Samsung have integrated free streaming channels into their platforms. For these companies, in fact, the free channels have become a real success story overnight. And it is clear that this success has prompted other TV platform operators to embrace free linear programming. Roku, VIZIO and Amazon were just some of the companies that followed this same strategy. Most smart TV manufacturers directly integrate these channels into existing programs, allowing for a seamless transition from live TV to streaming channels. And this effectively transforms i canali FAST in a free alternative to the basic cable.

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