The Last Campfire: here is the release date on Steam

The Last Campfire, the brand new title developed by Hello Games after No Man’s Sky, gets the release date on the Steam store, after being already released on the Epic Game Store

The Last Campfire is a recent work by the studio that took care of the creation, fall and rebirth of No Man’s Sky. However, The Last Campfire it’s not at all like No Man’s Sky: is a small title, produced by only three people, announced during the 2018 Game Awards and shown at the PC Gaming Show 2020. It is an adventure focused on puzzle elements and puzzles, in which the ember Ember finds himself looking for answers to many of his questions, as well as the way to home. The Last Campfire found a release date on major platforms on August 27, 2020; yet, this it wasn’t the same release date on Steam. The Last Campfire has in fact arrived on PC as an exclusive Epic Game Store temporal.

The Last Campfire: here is the release date on Steam

Last Campfire: the release date on Steam is very close

But during the Steam Next Fest it was announced that, from October 1st, the demo will be available on Steam. This is because it was confirmed that, a year after the official release, the release date on Steam of The Last Campfire will be on October 7th. The version released on that date will include the update that the title received in April, adding 20% ​​more puzzles, and making them replayable. The update also brings a performance improvement by increasing the maximum frame rate and allowing controller support on Mac.

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