Freebuds Pro: Huawei challenges Apple’s AirPods Pro | Special

Freebuds Pro: Huawei challenges Apple's AirPods Pro |  Special

The brand new Huawei Freebuds Pro are official, ready to challenge the Apple AirPods Pro. Here is our review and comparison

The goal of the latest true wireless in-ear from Huawei is clear: to propose a valid one alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro. The Freebuds Pro are finally available for purchase, almost a month after their presentation to the public.

There is no denying it, Huawei certainly is inspired to the design and functions of the AirPods Pro. A more than apt choice, especially considering that the wearables from Apple they govern sales in the sector are almost unchallenged. However, the company has made a few small changes for improve the product from an aesthetic and software point of view.

Huawei Freebuds Pro: design

The Huawei Freebuds Pro have a design simple e captivating. The temple is reduced to just 26mm, all contained in just over 6g of weight per headset. Greater customization as far as the color is concerned. The AirPods Pro are in fact only available in white while the Freebuds Pro come in version bianca, Black e silver. Particular value for the latter variant that gives a Premium touch to the earphones, so much so that they seem made of steel. Small advantage however for the AirPods Pro which have a more eye-catching design cured e linear compared to rivals. The charging houses are very similar, both very similar little ones e light, suitable for any type of pocket.

Freebuds Pro: Huawei challenges Apple's AirPods Pro |  Special

Huawei Freebuds Pro: functions and controls

As well as the AirPods Pro, Huawei also integrates the active noise cancellation (based on two internal microphones and one external) and the transparency mode. On the other hand, the “spacial audio”, Added on Apple earphones with the new firmware version compatible with iOS 14. If the AirPods seem to have better in terms of functions, this advantage is completely overturned in terms of controls. True wireless from Apple rely on force touch and are therefore “limited” to the play / pause, previous / next track and voice assistant functions. Huawei integrates commands instead touch which add the ability to control the volume directly from the earphones. The function of automatic play / pause when inserted or removed from the ear during media playback. Also available on AirPods Pro “Hey Siri”To call up the Apple voice assistant with your own voice.

Freebuds Pro: Huawei challenges Apple's AirPods Pro |  Special

Huawei Freebuds Pro: audio quality

Substantial parity from the audio point of view both in multimedia playback and in calls. Both AirPods Pro and Freebuds Pro have very good quality audio compared to competitors, a lot balanced e rich in bass. The call quality is also excellent thanks to the high quality microphones and the reduction of environmental noise.

Huawei Freebuds Pro: connectivity

Also in this case substantial parity. AirPods Pro and Freebuds Pro allow the pairing automatico with a pop-up pop-up on your device when you open the case. It is also possible, always from the same screen, to see the percentage of autonomy of houses and headphones. The Freebuds Pro also allow the simultaneous connectivity with two devices. Instead, the automatic pairing depending on the device you are using arrives on AirPods Pro with the new iOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur.

Autonomy and recharge

Formidable autonomy for these Huawei Freebuds Pro they guarantee up to 4 and a half hours audio playback with active noise cancellation e up to 7 hours if disabled. Definitely a longer duration than the AirPods Pro that stop at 5 ore autonomy. The charging case guarantees instead up to 20 hours autonomy for the Freebuds Pro. Lower in this case than the Apple case that arrives up to 24 hours of charging and one hour of autonomy with a charge of only 5 minutes. Both cases, respectively with USB-C and Lightning charging port, support it standard QI for wireless charging. Small negative note for Huawei’s case which limits wireless charging to only 2W making it very slow and inefficient.

Freebuds Pro: Huawei challenges Apple's AirPods Pro |  Special

Price and conclusions

The Freebuds Pro and AirPods Pro are the two flagship models in the industry for their respective companies. However, there is a substantial difference regarding the price: 179€ for Huawei’s true wireless e 279€ for Apple’s true wireless (list price).

Huawei Freebuds Pro and Apple AirPods Pro are essentially the same and are both very valid products. But which one should I buy? As often happens, the choice is personal and, leaving out the price difference, it’s up to you. The only advice we can give you is to choose Huawei’s true wireless if you own devices Android and to choose Apple’s true wireless if you have despotic iOS and MacOS.

More information available on the official websites of Apple and Huawei.

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