Freeda e Acer uniscono le forze per colmare il Gender Gap in ambito STEM thumbnail

Freeda and Acer join forces to bridge the gender gap in STEM

With the common purpose of bridging the so-called “gender gap”- namely the gender gap – Acer and Freeda have launched a new campaign featuring the brand’s Chromebooks. In particular, the initiative aims to promote the inclusion and access to skills in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

“Chromebooks are ideal for creating a stimulating environment for girls interested in a STEM path – reads a joint press release – because they offer the possibility of using apps and platforms such as Google Arts and Culture or Google Computer Science First”.

In addition to this, the devices are characterized by the integrated antivirus and automatic ChromeOS updates. In short, perfect solutions to support young women in their studies and career.

Freeda and Acer: the gender gap in numbers

According to a recent study by Ipsos, women who choose to study in STEM would be only 22%. Despite this, in 2021, there was a 15.74% increase in enrollments in computer science and ICT technologies, but the male gender continues to be perceived as “More prone” to scientific subjects. So the gender gap becomes even dream capnamely the difficulty of female students to imagine themselves in roles and professions more widely held by men.

As part of the collaboration to foster the approach of female students to the STEM disciplines, Freeda’s team created an ad hoc communication strategy on all platforms of the media company. On the one hand, as part of the branded content project, eight different contents were created, from instant articles, instagram stories, graphic posts and short videos. On the other, the Freeda Platform team has come up with two 30-second commercials and two 15-second TikTok contents dedicated to Acer digital advertising and social channels.

“Breaking the barriers between people and technology is Acer’s mission, which has always set itself the goal of creating accessible yet innovative and powerful devices – such as the Acer Chromebook – that help close social and gender gaps. The collaboration with Freeda allows us to support female empowerment in an even more concrete way, encouraging women, from an early age, to follow their inclinations and aspirations beyond gender stereotypes “, commented Diego Cavallari, Acer Country Manager for Italy and Greece. “We are proud of this important collaboration, made possible also thanks to the precious support of our partner Google”

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