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God of War Ragnarok preview: welcome back to Midgard

After a long wait, the arrival of God of War Ragnarok scheduled for November it is so close but it seems so far away. All in the norm when the emotions and memories that accompanied us in the wait were born from a crazy beautiful title like that of God of War. Let’s make it short, thanks to Sony and PlayStation, we got our hands on its God of War sequel Ragnarok and we are here to tell you our first impressions.

But hold back your berserk, there will be no plot spoilersyou are protected.

The preview of God of War Ragnarok WITHOUT SPOILERS

God of War Ragnarok takes up the story left in the first God of War (the title released in 2018). After the long journey of Kratos and the son Atreus to carry the ashes of the disappearance Faye in the highest mountain, the adventure in the Nordic kingdoms is far from over. The encounters and clashes with the Norse gods they have earned the two heroes new friends but also many enemies and new characters are waiting to take sides.

After the death of Baldur, Freya, formerly a friend and now on a war footing against Kratos for the killing of her son. Likewise Thor, at the end of the first chapter, he didn’t seem too happy with the death of his children at the hands of the Ghost of Sparta. And Odin? will he still be watching?

The unknowns are many as well as the waiting on our part to find out what else i have to reserve nine kingdoms to our heroes. Are you ready to find out?

Our first impressions

Out of respect for your curiosity, we will not reveal anything about the plot of God of War Ragnarok, but we would like you to know that the spirit and emotions of the first chapter are back, more impactful than ever. Return to the realm of Midgard and navigating its waters was like visiting a place from our childhood after so many years. Despite the inevitable changes, everything is as we remembered it, indeed, improved. Resuming the journeys between the nine realms proved to be much more satisfying than we had foreseen thanks also to a series of novelties that we will let you explore on your own.

The news, for better or for worse, do not upset the gameplay we have come to love in God of War. Everything is as we remembered it … well, not everything. The passage of time, even if little, has matured the psychology of Kratos and Atreus, as well as their skills and their relationship. The two are more close-knit and at the same time in contrast than ever and it is precisely here that we remembered why they are two so fascinating characters. Despite their divine nature, they are two extremely human heroes, a father and a son with their own desires and ideas, immersed in a sensational world.

The whole is enriched by one really impressive graphics development (our God of War Ragnarok preview took place on PlayStation 5) which evolves from the previous chapter but without distorting itself. Environments, characters, textures, light effects and so on, have improved a lot and make an already engaging world of its nature even more immersive.

God of War Ragnarok: awaiting the review

The things to tell about God of War Ragnarok, as you can imagine, are many. Old and new characters will present themselves to you as well as new challenges, emotions, stories and all the wonderful sensations that great video games can give. For all this and more, we refer you to the review that will be released on November 3 always on these channels.

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