Freezerino è il portabottiglia che mantiene fresca la bottiglia thumbnail

Freezerino is the bottle holder that keeps the bottle cool

Freezerino is the bottle holder that keeps the thumbnail bottle cool

Enofoams launches the new Freezerino thermal bottle holder. This is an innovative solution, patented by the Italian company, which has been operating in the manufacturing sector for over 20 years, which manages to keep a bottle fresh for about two hours thanks to the highly insulating internal material. Abroad, on the other hand, Freezerino can count on a refined design and fine upholstery with many options available to users.

Freezerino is the new elegant bottle holder that keeps the bottle cool

Featuring an elegant exterior and a high-tech interior, Freezerino is the right solution for keep the temperature of a bottle cool. It is a unique gadget in the world, regularly patented by the Italian company Enofoams. The system allows to maintain the right temperature inside the bottle in order to preserve its contents. Available to users there are numerous variants of Freezerino. For more details, please refer to official store.

Enofoams’ comment

Beniamino Longobardi, founder of Enofoams, underlines: “In 2014 we decided to get involved, patenting and marketing this innovative product that we consider a real elegant dress for the bottle, combining technology and lifestyle. An ideal gadget for restaurants, hotels, wine bars, chalets, boats and yachts, fully customizable and waterproof. We focus a lot on the importance of Made in Italy and that is why Freezerino is handcrafted by exclusively Italian manufacturing laboratories “.

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