Freud’s Bones is an all-Italian indie available on Nintendo Switch

Freud’s Bones è un indie tutto italiano disponibile su Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Here comes Freud’s Bones, the new narrative adventure available for Nintendo Switch consoles. The game, as the name suggests, is a tribute to Sigmund Freudthe father of modern psychology.

The new title takes players inside a twisted mind, to try to solve existential crises with ingenious puzzles and mysterious puzzles. The game has already received numerous awards both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the meticulous work of the independent Italian studio Fortune Emperor.

Freud’s Bones Trailer and Story: Available on Nintendo Switch

The plot of the game follows the story of Sigmund Freud, exiled from the psychoanalytic community, and torn apart by a deep existential crisis. The founder of psychoanalysis is entangled in controversial relationships, and leads a life full of anguish, despite the fact that he is active every day for the well-being of his patients. Between a visit to the Eckman Cafè for meetings with patrons and night walks among the palaces of Vienna, it is up to the gamer to break this terrible loop by exploring the unconscious of Freud’s patients.

Freud’s Bones does present come a surreal point-and-click adventure, with a progression that occurs thanks to the solving of puzzles. With the right solution it is possible to help Freud’s patients to heal, but failing it condemns them to collapse in a vortex of pain.

In his review of Freud’s Bones for, our Daniele wrote:

Particularly intriguing is the graphic style of the game. Although Freud’s Bone was born as a Kickstarter projectmanaged to get a lot of support from the public by managing to reach three times the pre-set monetary goal and vincendo al Red Bull Indie Forge Award 2020. All of which paid off with one simple but effective graphic style that alternates original 2D graphics with a series of graphic novel-style cinematics really nice.”

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