Sony unveils the mocopi motion detection system

Sony svela il sistema di rilevazione di movimento portatile mocopi thumbnail

Sony increasingly focuses on the metaverse and virtual reality with the announcement of mocopi, a portable motion detection system. It is a solution with which Sony aims to transform users into virtual characters capable of transporting the movements of the physical world into the virtual one. Here are all the details about the news announced today by Sony:

Sony announces mocopi: a new portable motion detection system

The new system presented today works in a very simple way, as also clarified by the images shown in the trailer below. Sony mocopiindeed, it integrates six bracelets to connect to hands, feet, back and head. These bracelets make it possible to track the user’s movement and faithfully reproduce it in a virtual world.

Therefore, such a solution lends itself to numerous possible applications, starting from the metaverse and virtual reality games, a sector on which Sony focused a lot with PlayStation VR2. Sony intends to target content creators in particular to push the spread of “virtual youtubers” with the possibility of tracking movements thanks to mocopi.

Further details on Sony’s new project can be found in the video below. The Japanese company is expected to release additional information on the commercial release of mocopi shortly.

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