Frida, the robot that paints with the style of the great masters

Frida, il robot che dipinge con lo stile dei grandi maestri thumbnail

He’s a robotic arm, but he can paint (almost) like the great masters: it’s about Frida – name thought in honor of Frida Kahlo – robotic arm that uses artificial intelligence to create works of art.

Frida, the robot that paints thanks to artificial intelligence

Frida (Framework and Robotics Initiative for Developing Arts) was born from a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) starting from a robotic painting system. However, Peter Schaldenbrandone of Frida’s fathers, was keen to specify that the robot “is not an artist” but “a system with which an artist could collaborate”.

How Frida works

Frida paints exclusively on precise indications given by the artist, including high-level works. Input can start from an image, text, style examples, sounds and sketches. The realization of the work, however, takes a few hours and furthermore the robot is not integrated with an automatic color mixing system.

Lots of potential, but also some limitations therefore, but the result is still surprising. This is a unique revolution in the field of art, the results of which will be officially presented in London, in the setting of International conference on robotics and automation (Execution).

Furthermore, among the future implementations that could concern Frida there are not only brushes, but also hammer and chisel. In fact, in the intentions of the researchers there is also that of making the robot capable of sculpt.

By clicking on the following link and scrolling the homepage, you can admire some of the works reproduced by Frida. As can be seen, the paintings were made either with reference images, or by indicating the desired style and giving a written indication or by submitting sketches together with the written indication.

Of course the result it is not comparable to that of an artist in the flesh, but it is surprising to see how the union of a robotic arm and artificial intelligence has given rise to an incredible product, which could become a real support for today’s and future artists Tomorrow.