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From sleep headphones to The Xtra: all the latest from Philips TV & Sound

From the Amsterdam press event, TP Vision announces many new additions to the product lineup Philips TV & Sound per il 2023. Non only OLED panels and Fidelio audio for those who love quality, but also a new TV format in The Xtra and even some sleep headphones really interesting (we can’t wait to try them!). Here are all the new products arriving.

TP Vision announces the new Philips & Sound for 2023

Before introducing the new products of the Philips TV and audio lines, the CEO of TP Vision Kostas Vouzas explains that: “As a technology company we are always curious to know where the technology will take us.” And showing great inventions from the past (like the first speaker, he explains that TP Vision invests in new technologies because it has a certainty: “People will never stop listening to music, watching movies or watching sports. Users will never stop being interested in better solutions: that sound better, that look better”.

So all the news presented today by TP Vision – from sleep headphones to new TVs – they come with the certainty that, despite the complex period of the market, the demand for quality audio and video products will remain in the future.

The new line of TVs: The Xtra arrives

Vouzas explains that looking at the television offer on the market a few years ago, “We asked ourselves: with all these products, how can we explain to our friends and relatives which one to choose? We have therefore tried to concentrate the choice on some strategic products, to have them developed by the best people. In 2019 we therefore launched The One, a simple and accessible product, to then launch the top of the OLED+ range (both with Ambilight). But who needs a little more than The One but isn’t ready for OLED+ yet? From today, it arrives The Xtra”.

The first model of The Xtra is a 9308 MiniLED TV, which will arrive in the third quarter of 2023 in 55 and 65-inch formats. Positioned just below the Ambilight OLEDs, it still offers exceptional images thanks to the seventh generation P5 processor and a high quality WCG panel, 120Hz refresh rate and 1000 nits brightness. Also, it has a sistema audio frontale Bowers & Wilkins 2.1 da 64W.

With Ambilight lights on three sides, it fills the room with color to set the right mood. All with a premium design: extra thin metal frame in anthracite, satin black border on the lower part and Kavdrat fabric for the speakers.

8808 BS LIFESTYLE RGB 16x9 min

However, Philips TV & Sound also renews the range The One, with the 8808 and 8508 series in 2023. Ranging in size from 43 inches all the way up to 85 (for 8808), they’re interesting panels. The 8808 has a 120Hz refresh rate, while it’s 60Hz for the 8805. Both take advantage of Ambilight on three sides and the convenience of Google TV.

The new top-of-the-range OLEDs

OLED+ 908 instead it arrives in autumn 2023 in 55, 65 and 77-inch formats. Equipped with a Meta OLED panel and the power of the P5 AI processor, it promises truly top performance. Also because it has an integrated 80W Bowers & Wilkins 3.1 audio system and Ambilight Next Gen on three sides. The new OLED Meta has a layer of Micro Lens Array which increases the brightness up to 2100 nits, a plus 70%. And with Ambient Intelligence V2, the TV measures color temperature and adjusts ambient lighting in real time.

All with the convenient interface Google TV and a USB-C rechargeable remote control.

OLED908 IS FRONT RGB 16x9 oled sleep headphones min

TP Vision also launches OLED808, with the first 42-inch Ambilight model, as well as 48″, 55″, 65″ and 77″. Like the rest of the 2023 OLED range, it has advanced gaming performance, such as Dolby Vision 4K at 120Hz and HDMI 120Hz. In addition, it has VRR support and compatibility with FreeSync Premium and G-Sync.

With a built-in 70W 2.1 sound system and three-sided Ambilight, you’ll have light and sound to create the perfect atmosphere for movies, TV shows and games.

Tons of new audio features – not just sleep headphones

The news Philips Sound presentate da TP Vision there are really many: from high-fidelity headphones to sleep headphones.

As for the Fidelio range, designed for audiophiles, the new ones arrive Faithful L4. They continue to use a 40mm driver developed in-house by Philips, now coated in graphene for increased strength without adding weight. There is multi-point connection with Bluetooth 5.3, with Auracast broadcast and LE audio. You will also get all the high resolution codecs like LC3 and LDAC, to transmit the best possible quality. But there is also the supplied 3.5mm jack cable and USB-C.

fidelio sleep headphones l4 min

do not miss theHybrid Adaptive ANC, with four microphones, which Philips Fidelio L4 improves by relocating the vent port to the back of the ear cup so that it is less sensitive to wind. With 50 hours of playtime (40 with ANC on) and a 15-hour charge for 5 hours of playback, they are a product with great autonomy. And thanks to touch controls and Google Assistant, they promise great ease of use.

The new Fidelio T2

The Fidelio true wireless earphones had impressed for the quality of the audio, but with this new model T2 wants to increase comfort: in fact, the dimensions drop by 20% and the case is even 40% smaller. But audio remains the main focus: a graphene-coated 9.2mm dynamic driver ensures it.


With Bluetooth 5.3 with Google Fast Pair and support for LE and LC3 codecs, also with the LDAC option, you will have the best in audio quality. The six microphones on the earbuds are for crystal clear calls, but two of them are meant for noise cancellation. The autonomy is 10 hours and 9 with active ANCwith the case tripling the times.

Headphones for athletes from the GO line…

In line Go Sport the new A5508 TW arriveS with 8mm graphene drivers, while the bone conduction open ear technology of A5608 it offers great audio but without canceling ambient sound, great for runners who always need to stay alert.

GO A5608BK IS min

Also in this case we find the Bluetooth 5.3 e LC3 for superior audio. The A5508 also has sound canceling with windscreen function. Both resist water and sweat thanks to IPX5 protection.

…and sleep headphones made with Kokoon

Last but not least, here comes the Philips N7808, the first sleep headphones. Created together with Kokoon, they offer the possibility of listening to music while you fall asleep, so as not to be disturbed by external sounds. Kokoon’s sleep scientists they developed these headphones by moving the electronic components into a casing mounted behind the head. This allows for a small profile (only 6 millimeters) and to ensure that these headphones are very comfortable for sleep, despite having quality audio.

N7808 min

Sensors in the headphones also monitor your sleep to evaluate its rhythm, with a heart rate monitor and several accelerometers to evaluate how well you sleep. The whole, while streaming music via Apple Music, Audible, Spotify, YouTube, the Calm and Headspace apps or the Kokoon app. And you can make calls too – even if you don’t want to be disturbed while you sleep.

Find more information about these sleep headphones here. While you find all TP Vision products on the official website.

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