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Friend Map, the new Instagram feature for locating your contacts

Instagram is working on an interesting innovation: it’s called Friend Map and will be used to locate your contacts. It will therefore be possible to see the location of friends in real time. The feature is still under development and is only used for interiors.

Instagram Friend Map, everything you need to know

Instagram, with the new feature called Friends Map, aims to provide a service very similar to that of Snapchat. This is the Snap Map and it works in the same way: locating your contacts. The new Instagram feature was announced Alessandro Paluzzi, Android app developer who often anticipates social media news before their official release.

Paluzzi published some screenshots of the on Threads Friend Map on Instagram, which show how it would work. Users can choose who can see their location, which is end-to-end encrypted. They can share their location with the followers who follow them, with their “Close Friends” or with no one.

The map would also have a “Ghost Mode”, which would hide the last active location. On Friends Map it will also be possible to leave Notes on the map. They could be used to share interesting discoveries with friends, such as a pop-up shop or a restaurant.

Instagram Notes: what they are

Speaking of Notes, the app recently launched the Notes feature. What are they and what are they for? Notes is a new feature on the platform that allows users to share your thoughts in the form of text messages. Specifically, Notes can contain a maximum of 60 characters, emojis included. Users can therefore, from today also in Italy, read friends’ notes and write your own, expanding the possibility of sharing your thoughts on Instagram.

To use Notes you need to be sure that the app is updated to the latest version. If there are no updates available you will need to be patient, as it may take a few days for the update to arrive on all devices. Once the app has been updated, simply access the messages section, choose the followed followers (or the list of closest friends) and the note will appear at the top of their message inbox for 24 hours. Replies to notes will arrive as DMs (direct messages).

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