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CORSAIR enhances the iCUE LINK ecosystem with new high-performance RX fans

CORSAIR today announced the debut of the new iCUE LINK RX Series PC fans, further expanding the innovative iCUE LINK ecosystem

This launch represents a significant advancement inevolution of CORSAIR DIY componentsconfirming the continuous commitment to innovation and excellence in a dynamic market such as that of DIY PCs.

CORSAIR enhances the iCUE LINK ecosystem with new high-performance RX fans

CORSAIR revolutionizes PC cooling with the new iCUE LINK RX Series fans

The RX series fans they are the result of advanced engineering advancesincorporating CORSAIR domed magnetic bearings, AirGuide technology and redesigned internal fins to optimize cooling efficiency, both in combination with radiators and inside homes. The integration into the first-of-its-kind iCUE LINK ecosystem reflects the company’s commitment to making assembly a more accessible and enjoyable experience for a broader audience.

The RX series fans establish a new standard in terms of assembly quality and airflow power. This superior performance is the result of an in-depth research and development process focused on detailed optimization, combined with the use of advanced materials such as liquid crystal polymers (in non-RGB models). Additionally, the structure of the fan blades and chassis incorporate fiberglass reinforcements to improve durability.

The RX series fans are equipped with a digital control system integrated into the iCUE LINK ecosystem, allowing accurate adjustment of the desired speed: up to 2,100 rpm for the 120 mm models and 1,700 rpm for the 140 mm. The preset curves are easily configured via CORSAIR iCUE softwarealso offering advanced tuning options to optimize the system’s cooling capabilities.

“We made a commitment to create a fan that could perform as both a house fan and a radiator fan,” says Aaron Neal, Director of DIY Product Marketing at CORSAIR. “We also wanted to integrate iCUE LINK technology to ensure the best assembly experience. With the RX Series, we believe we have met and even exceeded all these requests.”

CORSAIR enhances the iCUE LINK ecosystem with new high-performance RX fans

CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX: top design and performance

Il domed magnetic bearing, patented by CORSAIR, reduces friction between components to a minimum, reducing noise and prolonging the life of the fans. The RX and RX RGB fans further distinguish themselves with quick-mount screws CORSAIR Quikturn, characterized by a unique thread that allows quick assembly with a single turn. Introduced last year, the iCUE LINK ecosystem has gained widespread acceptance in the DIY market due to its revolutionary nature in the PC assembly industry.

Cascading different types of components via a single universal standard connector greatly simplifies assembly, making it more accessible and straightforward. The smart technologies integrated into all iCUE LINK products enable intelligent, bi-directional communication with a single controller, transmitting data and providing power to all devices via a single port. The result is one significant reduction in assembly times it’s a simplified cable managementeliminating major obstacles for those approaching the world of PC assembly for the first time.

CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX RGB fans I am available in black or white variants, while the RX fans are available in stealth black. Starter kits include three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans along with an iCUE LINK System Hub controller. Single-fan expansion kits, on the other hand, allow you to upgrade your iCUE LINK cooling system.

Availability and Prices

The CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX Series and RX RGB Series fans are already available on the CORSAIR online store and at the CORSAIR network of authorized resellers and distributors around the world.

The RX and RX RGB fans are backed by a five-year warranty, backed by CORSAIR’s global customer service and technical support network. Recommended prices for the public.

Starter Kit:

  • RX120: €114.90 (with 3-pack and System Hub)
  • RX120 RGB: €134.90 (with 3-pack and System Hub)
  • RX140: €79.90 (with 2-pack and System Hub)
  • RX140 RGB: €134.90 (with 2-pack and System Hub)

Expansion Kit:

  • RX120: €29.90 (single fan)
  • RX120 RGB: €34.90 (single fan)
  • RX140: €34.90 (single fan)
  • RX140 RGB: €39.90 (single fan)

And you? What do you think of these new ones Corsair RX series fans? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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