Fritz! Box 7530AX review: the era of Wi-Fi 6 is here

In this article we are going to see the review of the Fritz! Box 7530 AX a modem / router that distorts Wi-FI

Every time an email from AVM arrives in the editorial office, we know that something new is brewing. Also this time we have been chosen to test an innovative product capable of upsetting something in our connections. The name might be confusing, in fact we have already reviewed a Fritz! Box 7530, but those two final letters (AX) are able to tell a lot more than what you see.

In fact, this version supports WI-FI 6, which as we will see during the review makes very important changes even in daily use. Now let’s get to the heart of these reviews entirely dedicated to the new Fritz!Box 7530 AX.

Fritz! Box 7530AX review: the era of Wi-Fi 6 is here

Materials, design and contents of the box | Fritz! Box 7530 review

Also in this model we do not find external antennas but everything is managed under the body, which makes us very happy. Obviously, even removing the antennas there are no signal losses and the usual perimeter is covered beyond all expectations. Taking advantage of the possibility to choose between 2.5 and 5 GHz connections, even walls or floors can not scare us.

Regarding aesthetics, materials and package contents I will not go into too much detail as there are no substantial changes from the previous models.

Package Contents

  • FRITZ!Box 7530 AX
  • 4 meter DSL connection cable
  • 1.5m LAN cable
  • power supply
  • User guide

As you may have guessed, you will not need any further purchases. Inside the package there is everything you need and more!

Top connections | Fritz! Box 7530 AX review

Numbers are king in this review. In fact, the novelties of this version of the Fritz! Box 7530 tell us that we can reach connections with higher frequencies.

  • Wireless AC fino a 1800 Mbit/s a 5 GHz
  • Wreless N fino a 600 Mbit/s a 2,4 GHz
  • It supports 300 Mbit VDSL connections
  • It supports connections with LTE and UMTS internet keys
  • It supports NAS servers, network printers and USB media

In short, the supported speeds are far superior for all frequencies (2.4 and 5 GHz).

WI-FI 6 the big news

The great news of this modem is certainly the possibility of using WI-FI 6. Thanks to this feature, not only will you be able to improve your connections and replace the modem provided by your provider (in our case we have re-boxed the Vodafone Station in favor of this modem) but you will enjoy many benefits.

The infamous WI-FI 6 will in fact give you the ability to reduce latency, allow connections (with greater stability) to multiple devices simultaneously and guarantee higher data exchange rates within your network. A striking example can be that of gaming, a hemisphere that we at know very well.

Very often in competitive online gaming we are anchored to wired connections to have lower latency (ping). Thanks to this new wireless connection system this latency is reduced by 75% as a maximum value. In short, there is no longer a requirement for a wired connection to be competitive.

Furthermore (again speaking of hypothetical values) it is possible to reach speeds far superior to the standard of WI-FI 5. In fact, a maximum value of 9.6 Gbps can be estimated as maximum throughput (obviously always with more devices connected).

In short, thanks to the new system OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) it is possible to connect many more devices without increasing the signal dispersion.

In addition to the increased speeds and decreased latency there is also another fundamental aspect, that of security.

In fact, thanks to WI-FI 6, the protocol is also introduced WPA3. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a common Wi-Fi security protocol that uses passwords for encryption. Whenever a password is required to access a Wi-Fi network, WPA kicks in. Ergo, if at this moment WPA2 is to be considered the standard of protection, everything could soon change.

Fritz! Box 7530AX review: the era of Wi-Fi 6 is here

Fritz! OS the real highlight of the package

The real great strength of the Fritz models! It is definitely their personalization. Simple, accessible and effective.

Among the various services offered we find truly irreplaceable those that give the possibility to better manage our connection.

We can choose to set up a network Mesh, to create a network for guests or even to choose which devices should hook up to the 2.4 Ghz frequencies or to the 5 Ghz one. We can also create a native VPN from the router or use the Media Server settings to create a real data transfer or reading ecosystem.

Furthermore, the dedicated App section is not negligible. In fact, you can decide to turn on your PC remotely, control phone calls or manage your connections even remotely. In short, as we repeat often and willingly when you buy an AVM product you not only have an excellent device but you also buy a complete package and an unrivaled ecosystem.

Fritz! Box 7530AX review: the era of Wi-Fi 6 is here

Test and functionality

By replacing our Vodafone Station we managed not only to increase the coverage of the WI-FI network but we also gained a few megs. Obviously we are talking about a couple of mega proceeds but which are always nice anyway.

As always, the management through the modem portal is complete and intuitive. Managing Mesh networks, deciding which device should use the 2.5 band and which 5GHz band is always convenient. Furthermore, the ability to boost a device is always a godsend.

In short words with this Fritz! Box 7530 AX you will not only be able to replace the modem provided by your provider, you will be able to enjoy a complete reality efficient and certainly safer.

The improvements made by the new generation WI-FI are felt above all in everyday reality. If two or three devices were connected at the same time a few years ago, today a dozen connected devices are almost a standard.

In our case the number is even greater, if we consider at least 4 smartphones, our Yeedi vac max, the Tablet Chuwi HiPad Pro, the smart TV and a couple of other objects including voice assistants and a pinch of home automation, the bill is quickly done.

Fritz! Box 7530AX review: the era of Wi-Fi 6 is here

Who should buy it? | Fritz! Box 7530 AX review

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this modem to anyone who needs a stable connection and who does not want to compromise with the modem provided by their provider.

Thanks to the solid foundations of the past and the improvements made, we feel we are facing one of the best systems for managing your line. Obviously the price is a bit high but if you take into account the savings that you will have by ceasing the loan for use of the modem with your provider, it is reduced a little.

The WI-FI of tomorrow is here today

Points in favor

  • WI-FI 6
  • Possibility to replace the modem of your Provider
  • Very high overall quality

Points against

  • A little expensive
  • Single USB Dam
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