FRITZ! Repeater and FRITZ! Powerline: new updates

The AVM FRITZ! Mesh WLAN ecosystem receives an update to improve home network performance

A new update is available today for all models FRITZ! Repeater and for the FRITZ! Powerline 1260. The update improves the stability and security of FRITZ! Mesh WLAN connections. One-click configuration for those who connect a FRITZ! Repeater or a FRITZ! Powerline via LAN cable. In addition, the management and mesh integration of FRITZ! Powerline have been optimized. The update comes automatically installed if you select the corresponding option in the FRITZ! Box user interface ( Alternatively, the update can be activated directly via the FRITZ! Box under “Home Network / Mesh”.

FRITZ! Repeater and FRITZ! Powerline: New Updates

FRITZ! Powerline 1260: Wi-Fi and wired connection

This device is in fact a very flexible tool that can be used in dand main ways to extend your home network. The first, the one for which the Fritz! PowerLine was created, is the possibility of extend the network using the electrical system as a support of the House. The idea of ​​running the Internet through power cables is quite old and has proved to be a large-scale bankruptcy project due to some performance and noise issues. However, over the short distances of the home network, the performance is really excellent and with Fritz! PowerLine 1260E you get to a good 1200 Mbps theoretical. In this way the signal travels unchanged through walls and floors and is then repeated via Wi-Fi in the target area. So we can also use it as a simple Wi-Fi repeater.

FRITZ! Repeater: Wi-Fi throughout the house!

The FRITZ! Repeater system allows you to extend the Wi-Fi network from our modem to every corner of the house. There are so many different models that obviously provide different performances. The first thing to look at is obviously the bandwidth that decides how fast data can pass through our network. It is then necessary to evaluate the presence of the dual band that allows you to combine performance and higher coverage. The standard 2.4 GHz allows better coverage, but the speed could be more limited especially if many devices are connected. Instead it standard a 5 GHz it has a lower coverage, but a higher speed.

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