Lost Judgment could be the last game in the series

Although it has not yet been released, it is very likely that Lost Judgment will remain the last chapter of the spin off series of Yakuza

Lost Judgment, whose exit date has been set for next Fall, it is one of the most anticipated games of next season but, despite this, it could remain the last chapter of the series. The title represents the second title in the Yakuza spin off saga dedicated to private investigator Takayuki Yagami. The first chapter Judgment was released in 2018 and is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia and Xbox Series X | S.

Lost Judgment: Here’s why it could be the last title in the series

To make it possible that this series, despite its great popularity, terms with the publication of Lost Judgment there are the difficult relationships between Sega, which distributes the title, and Johnny and Associates, the talent agency referred to by Takuya Kimura, the actor who lends the face to the protagonist of the saga. In particular, it appears that the main reason for the dispute and the opposition of Johnny and Associates to the distribution of the title on PC, which it does not perceive as a console, in which Sega is particularly interested.

Lost Judgment could be the last game in the series

Lost Judgment was developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, which previously also dealt with the first chapter of the saga. Compared to Yakuza, which with the latest titles has veered into territories closer to the RPG, it was expected that the series started with Judgment would maintain a gameplay more similar to that of classic action adventure titles and, consequently, more in line with that of the first titles of the saga of which it is a spin off.

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