From blog to reliable newspaper: the story of Optimagazine

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Currently there are seven categories on Optimagazine, each of which is curated by a team that deals with analyzing the news, certifying it and verifying it before reporting it on the online newspaper.

Optimagazine has now become the reference point for all those who like to stay updated on different areas, especially the tech one: let’s now discover the history of this newspaper, which for ten years has been a reference point for all those who surf online and who go in search of different news related to many areas.

The birth of the Optima Italia magazine

It was back in 2012 when Optima Italia, known for being a reference point for the supply of various services for individuals and production companies, therefore offices and companies, decided to create its company blog, in which various news are reported, in especially those relating to the world of technology.

The simple and engaging style adopted in the creation of the different news allows this platform to be noticed by users, who begin to read more frequently the different news present on the same site and above all to share them.

Precisely this unexpected success, since the news container was born precisely as a company blog, leads Optima Italia to create its online magazine, or Optimagazine, which constantly becomes a point of reference for all those who are looking for many news from different areas.

What are the topics covered by Optimagazine

Currently there are seven categories on Optimagazine, each of which is curated by a team that deals with analyzing the news, certifying it and verifying it before reporting it on the online newspaper.

The main one is certainly that of technology, where information on the giants of the web is reported daily, details on new devices and many others that allow you to have an always active window on this world, offering enthusiasts a container in which there are many Announcements.

But Optimagazine does not only deal with the technological world, but also that of TV series, offering previews, curiosities and news on the new series that can be followed by fans: it is therefore a unique opportunity for those who want to stay up to date and get to know some new news about one of the series he has always appreciated.

We then move on to the news articles that are trendy, then those of current affairs: also in this case the concreteness in reporting only truthful facts, thus offering a constant update on news stories and more, allows readers to have an online newspaper that it allows them to know the latest developments of an event that has happened and that concerns our country and beyond.

The Life section, on the other hand, is characterized by lifestyle articles, with lots of advice and information on wellness, health and well-being, ecology, and more.

Finally, the other three categories on the Optimagazine magazine are Cinema, which allows you to know important details about the latest productions and upcoming films, such as plot and cast, Music, with concerts announced and some small gossip about the various singers, and finally Television, which concerns the well-known personalities of the world of TV as well as the announcement of new programs and some information on the ratings recorded by the various channels.

Therefore a magazine that is able to satisfy the needs of all those who love reading and news concerning certain areas.

A well-proven team for always fresh news

The success of Optimagazine is also to be found in the team of around 24 people who work every day to ensure that over 30 news items are posted daily in the online magazine, offering updated and verified news at every stage of the day.

The constant commitment is a key element that has allowed Optimagazine to become a full-fledged newspaper since 2018 and to be perceived as reliable from every point of view.

Furthermore, the team is constantly expanding and this for a simple reason, that is to offer a service that aims to improve the frequency of publication of the various news, without ever overshadowing the key element that has distinguished this newspaper, namely the reliability of the reported news.