Da Donald Trump arrestato al Papa col bomber bianco: ecco le immagini fake più assurde generate dall'AI thumbnail

From Donald Trump arrested to the Pope with a bomber jacket: here are the most bizarre AI images

We are at that moment in history again, dear readers. The one in which a technology arrives and turns our existence upside down. Of course, the application possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) for noble causes will never be talked about enough, as well as its cons after all. It is also true, however, that using it in creative ways is as irreverent as it is irresistible. And while the fake images generated through AIwe have tried to collect the most bizarre and absurd ones.

Small disclaimer: if you are allergic to Donald Trump, perhaps this article is not for you. We have dedicated a specific section to the tycoon.

The craziest fake images generated by AI

The biggest risk of fake images made through AI is that they are extremely realistic. Since that July 20, 1969 hordes of conspirators have been waiting for any proof that the moon landing had never happened. And now who explains to him that these photos are fake?

The most popular fake image of the moment is certainly that of the Pope wearing a bomber jacket. In wishing him a speedy recovery, given the recent news reports, we can also admit one thing: the Mahmood look really suits him. We await the feat. with Blanco. Without roses.

“What a beat you dropped, bro”

Cheap Fern

Don’t worry, we’ll also get to Donald Trump. Meanwhile, among the most successful AI fake images we point out Boris Johnson trying to escape Scotland Yard agents.

Francesco yes and Elon no? Here is Musk in an urban version, which he clearly stole from Rocco Hunt’s wardrobe.

Thus danced Zarathustra.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, JFK took aim at President Lee Harvey Oswald.

There are stories that don’t exist. Think how nice if dachshunds existed. Or are they otters, lizards? It doesn’t matter, because they don’t exist anyway. Sin.

You won’t believe that Hogwarts didn’t party. And that Hagrid wasn’t the DJ of the night. Required requirement: be in possession of at least one nose.

Donald Trump category: “The best of the best of the best, sir!”

The most popular AI-generated fake image in the world is certainly that of Donald Trump being chased by agents and placed in handcuffs. In reality, the web has worked hard on this issue, creating a real storyline.

Arm yourself first.

Then he is arrested and taken to prison. Orange is the new Trump.

And here’s what he looks like once his sentence is served.

How to recognize a fake? The dangers of AI

It seems clear, after this roundup of decidedly hilarious images, that the potential of AI is almost unlimited. In the same way, it is clear that these images risk fueling a monster we know well: le fake news.

There is currently no effective way of distinguishing true from false, except a critical spirit on the part of users which, it would be good, never fails. From a technical point of view at the moment the AI ​​seems to have only one major flaw: the hands. Artificial intelligence seems to have many difficulties in reproducing the fingers of the hand, as is evident in the fake image of the Pope.

Despite these alarm bells, we can expect AI to get better and better as time progresses, learning that humans generally have no more than five fingers.

In any case, if in doubt, constantly check our column La Bufala Tech.

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