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E3 2023 cancelled, too many software houses missing

After the big rejections of the last few months by the biggest software houses, it seems that E3 2023 has been officially cancelled. After years of cancellations due to COVID, E3 was supposed to make its return this year thanks to the producer of the PAX ReedPop. But the new organizers have not been able to attract companies willing to show off their latest games.

E3 2023 canceled, too many software houses have given up

Few publishers have come out publicly to support the new E3. While almost all of the biggest companies including Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sega e Tencent, confirmed their absence. Farewell is more an awareness than an active decision.

IGN ha confirmed that this year’s E3 has been cancelledor. E3 co-organizer the Entertainment Software Association sent an email to members, explaining that the show would not be able to “showcase the size, strength and impact of the gaming industry.” And so it was cancelled. There doesn’t seem to be any promises of a future return, leaving the possibility that E3 may be over.

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Maybe E3 just isn’t a viable concept for the gaming industry anymore. If it is true that Gamescom is still an active event, on the other hand more and more companies are creating streaming launch events (think The State of Play or Nintendo Direct). This way they can have more control over the narrative of their games.

It is therefore not surprising that the Summer Game Fest di Geoff Keighley, which gives publishers a lot of freedom to run the show, is still going strong. In fact, many software houses will be in Los Angeles for the Play Days linked to this event.

E3 2023 was supposed to take place from June 13th to 16th, but unfortunately it has been canceled. However, fans of 2023 will be able to count on various announcements from the main software houses, directly from the social channels of these companies. We will keep you informed.

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