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From Katy Perry to Lizzo through the Finleys: the best songs in the language of the Sims

There was a precise historical moment in which man tried to create a universal language called Esperanto. The attempt, however, failed miserably. A few years later, however, almost unconsciously, another language managed to enter the homes of half the world: the Simlish. Yes, we refer to the official language of The Sims, a popular videogame franchise in which you can live the virtual life of your character (Sim, in fact). Simlish has become so popular, with its mixture of neo-Latin and English-speaking idioms, that it is also honored in music with numerous songs.

A new language understandable to all then? Absolutely no. Simlish remains a mystery to everyone, if not for the Sims themselves of course. So it doesn’t matter if the songs in Simlish seem more like a projection of we, in the shower, singing English songs without knowing the lyrics.

Over the years, in fact, the videogame developer – Maxis – has collaborated with some of the most popular artists around. These were loaned in re-record their most famous hits in the language of the Sims. The result is hilarious. So let’s take a look at the most famous songs sung in Simlish, but don’t expect to find the lyrics.

The best songs in Simlish

Don’t Cha – Pussycat Dolls

It almost seems like a serious piece, until Nichole Scherzinger he does not sing “Mimimubaua”. And so, as if by magic, that wonderful refrain that goes “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” becomes “Obauiuigiogiga ua o la gi?”. According to Simlish experts, the accurate translation would be: “You don’t want your Sim to be as beautiful as me”?

Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

The song that launched in the stardom Katy Perry in 2008 it also arrives in Simlish version. Recall that the original text begins with the historic sentence: “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes”. Which makes perfect sense since our Sim was hungry one minute and wanted to train the next.

Little Talks – Of Monsters and man

If you have turned on the radio at least once in 2013, it is very likely that you have listened to Little Talks, the hit with which Icelanders Of Monsters and Man they imposed themselves on the general public. The Simlish version confirms that “Hey” is a term used by our Sims too. One small step for a Sim, one big leap for students of this wonderful language.

Hot in Herre – Nelly

Have you ever wondered what rap in Simlish would sound like? Probably not. But if you want to dispel this Hamletic doubt, here it is Nelly who sings in Simlish his hit dated 2002. Little curiosity for funk music lovers: in the song there is the champion of Bustin ‘Loose of Chuck Brown.

Smile – Lily Allen

How beautiful Lily Allen. A few years before he happily sent us to be blessed with the irresistible Fu * k You, the artist achieved success with Smile in 2005. The sonorities of the song lend themselves perfectly to a Simlish sung. AUUUUU STAPIFAFONAUIIIIIIIIII

Don’t Wanna Go Home – Jason Derulo

There was a time when it seemed impossible to free ourselves from Jason Derulo. In 2011, his Don’t Wanna Go Home was everywhere. And those who, to escape the song, decided to take refuge in The Sims 3 found a Jasim Derulo waiting for them at the gate. He himself does not escape the dance pop of the ’10s.

Cooler than me – Mike Posner

Let’s stay on the dance pop 2010 theme with the mega-hit Cooler than me by the American singer and producer Mike Posner. Here is Gooba Da Mwee.

Beautiful Now – Zedd & Jon Bellion

Sims who prefer clubbing to guitars like to dance to hit houses. Among their favorites is Beautiful Now, a song with which Zedd invaded the radios all over the world in 2015. Also in this case we learn that the onomatopoeic sounds find their meaning also in Simlish, in fact the song is almost all a Papapapapappàppàppà UBALUBU UBALUBU.

We Are Young – Fun. feat Janelle Monáe

What happened to the Fun.? In 2012 they were among the most interesting news in terms of pop bands. Who knows if in The Sims they have reaped what they have sown in real life. Success or not, We Are Young was the real hit of summer 2012 – to the point of winning a Grammy as Song of the Year – and the Simlish version is simply irresistible, also thanks to that epic refrain: MIDAAAAAAAAHAIHAI UIBAIUUUUUUUU.

Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

If until now we have named existing songs “translated” in Simlish, with this song we are faced with something unique. It is in fact the first song composed and “written” entirely in Simlish by the American singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield. The song, a shameless but pleasant pop song, was born in 2008 as the result of the collaboration between the artist and the developer Maxis, on the occasion of the release of The Sims 2: Free Time.

Hands in the Air – Nelly Furtado

Press play and it is immediately our magic of the first decade of the new millennium. After all, few artists have represented that musical universe like the Canadian Nelly Furtado. ATTENTION: those who do not speak fluent Spanish may find it impossible to grasp the differences with the original text.

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves

There are songs that have no time, no space and, in this case, no universe either. Released into our world in the wonderful 1983Walking on Sunshine di Katrina & The Waves it immediately had a stratospheric success, so much so that it is still a very recognizable song from the first notes today. In the universe of The Sims it arrives only in 2018, but it does not matter: it is immediately an eversim, inevitable in in-game jukeboxes.

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

From the 80s we return to the dance pop of the new millennium, with Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. Con a text in Simlish that remembers our worst karaoke performances after a few too many drinks, the version made for the game is tragically fun. One thing is certain though: our Sims love to party (but then it’s up to us to clean up).

Last Friday Night – Katy Perry

The Sim’s Favorite Singer Is Back: Kety Perry. For this entry we have decided to attach the video of the recordings of the Simlish version of the hit Last Friday Night. In the clip we see a polyglot Katy Perry talking about when “yarbidanzel dibbadup ibbituccamimiscius”. All clear, isn’t it?

Worship – Lizzo

You understand that a song is beautiful if it also finds its meaning in Simlish. This is the case with that incredible talent of Lizzowhich makes everyone dance: humans, dogs, cats and Sims with Worship Me. Impossible to stay still, and it doesn’t matter if the bladder icon is red, first the song ends and then you go to the toilet.

Bleed into me – Trivium

Not all Sims like dance pop. For thrash metal lovers here is a heavy version of Bleed into me by one of the iconic bands of the genre: i Trivium.

Pressure – Paramore

And who said that Sims can’t go through an emo phase? The world of The Sims is full of teens in bangs, red and black striped t-shirts, and ripped pants. You can usually find them at the jukebox listening to this Simlish version of Pressure dei Paramore.

Suffer Well – Depeche Mode

Have you ever thought that i Depeche Mode could they have released a song in Simlish? Well they did it, recording a decidedly atypical version of Suffer Well. This confirms that Dave Gahan could literally sing anything.

Run Away – Finley

Do you remember i Finley? How not: YOU WILL BECOME A STAAAAAAAAR. In that same 2006 record that delivered them to the Italian pop hit, there was also an English song called Run Away. The attempt at internationalization, however, failed miserably. It went up in smoke and ashes, just to mention another song from the band. A Simlish version of the song appears in The Sims 2: Pets, however. The puppies of the game sang it in an attempt to escape from their masters.

When It All falls Apart – The Veronicas

Attempting to emulate the success of the tAtUs of the early 2000s, in 2006 two Australian calls The Veronicas they release a moderately successful single called When It All Falls Apart. Excellent sales in the real world, but even better in the world of The Sims 2. After all, the Sims were unaware of the existence of tAtUs, and found the Veronicas very “ubiquitous”.

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