From Software: will the hypothetical PS5 exclusive be similar to Dark Souls?

Rumors continue to chase each other about the hypothetical PS5 exclusive by From Software, which should be more similar to Dark Souls than Elden Ring and Sekiro

Only a few days ago we promptly reported the rumor, according to which, From Software would have signed an agreement with Sony, through which the Japanese software house would undertake to develop a new title exclusively for PS5. It was immediately thought of a sequel to the much appreciated Bloodborne, but the hopes of all those who wished for a return of the IP were immediately dampened, given that the news referred to a soulslike completely new. And today comes new information about this phantom project, according to which the game in question would be a lot more like Dark Souls than Sekiro or Elden Ring.

From Software: PS5 exclusive may be similar to Dark Souls

To provide new details regarding this hypothetical (at least for the moment) PS5 exclusive, he thought about it Nick Baker, via the XboxEra podcast. Baker repeated once again as to be one Totally new IP, which will have no connection with Demon’s Souls and the aforementioned Bloodborne. He also added how, according to the agreement, Sony will have full ownership of the IP (as for the two games just mentioned), with From Software which would only deal with development, albeit assisted by XDev.

To take care of the direction of the works, as already happened for all the major productions of the Japanese team, there would be the same Hidetaka Miyazaki. A further addition reports how the game in question would have more points in common with Dark Souls, rather than with Ax ed Elden Ring.

Baker also speaks of a new chapter in the Armored Core mech series, whose next game seems to have encountered some difficulties in development, which have pushed From Software to pause the project, to focus on the launch of Elden Ring and the rumored PS5 exclusive.

Obviously we are always in the territory of unconfirmed rumors, therefore, as usual, we invite you to take all this information with the appropriate caution. For our part, we at will not fail to keep you updated on any developments. And if you want to get your hands on some games at a discounted price while you wait, we invite you to take a look at Instant Gaming.

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