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From the creators of Pokémon Go comes Pikmin Bloom

Niantic, Inc. the software house behind the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, returns to the spotlight by announcing the arrival of Pikmin Bloom, the smartphone application designed to make our daily walks more pleasant. The collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo with another of the most successful Franchises of the Japanese company. The mythical ones Pikmin, the colorful aliens always ready to work as a team, will keep us company during everyday walks with many fun features. Let’s find out all!

Pikmin Bloom: discovering the Pikmin

In case your intergalactic travels haven’t taken you to the mythical yet planet of the Pikmin, know that they also live around us, but we cannot see them with the naked eye. Thanks to Pikmin Bloom we will be able to interact and walk with them. Pikmin Bloom’s main activity is in fact to accompany us on walks.

Walking, we will find many examples of adorable Pikmin around our city and the more we walk, the more our enterprising team will grow. After the seedlings have grown, it will be possible to harvest the Pikmin to have a foolproof team. Walking with them will make colorful flowers bloom along the way. It will also be possible feeding the Pikmin with nectar coming from the fruits that we can find in the game that will make a beautiful flower bloom on their head. By collecting petals and planting them, we can also make flower buds open at every step, leaving a trail of colors behind us. By doing so, the virtual world of the Pikmin will come to life and the flowery paths will be shared with other users.

At the end of the day, we will be able to see the number of steps taken, the paths taken and the colorful fruits (or flowers!) Of our passage. You can also add notes and photos to your lifelog, turning an ordinary day into a special memory. Your Pikmin can also bring back some postcards of the places visited, which can be saved and kept, or sent to friends directly via the app.

Price and availability

Pikmin Bloom can be downloaded on iOS devices through the App Store and on Android devices, through Google Play, for free. Currently the game is available in Australia and Singapore but will soon be available in all other countries, including Italy.

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