Da oggi Snapchat+ arriva anche in Italia: ecco tutti i vantaggi thumbnail

From today Snapchat + also arrives in Italy: here are all the advantages

From today Snapchat + also arrives in Italy: here are all the advantages thumbnail

After a first launch in a few selected countries, today Snapchat + also arrives in Italy, with numerous advantages for users who decide to subscribe. Since the first limited launch in June, more than a million users around the world have decided to subscribe to Snapchat +, and the number is definitely set to grow.

But what is it about? How much? And what exclusive benefits will subscribers get?

All you need to know about Snapchat +: from today also in Italy

Snapchat + is the Premium plan of the popular platform. Users can subscribe (or gift) a subscription at a cost of € 4.59 per month. Subscribers will have exclusive access to the following benefits:

  • Custom Stories Expiration: it will be possible to choose how long our story will last, from one hour to a week. Currently the stories are in fact predefined to stay online 24 hours.
  • Custom notification sound: Snapchatters will be able to set different ringtones for each individual friend. In this way it will be possible to recognize who has sent us a Snap simply by sound, without having to look at the phone.
  • Customizable camera outline color: Subscribers will be able to color the screen as they like while taking photos
  • Three new exclusive Bitmoji wallpapers: these will allow you to decorate and personalize your profile.
  • Badge Snapchat+: subscriber to Snapchat +? Others absolutely must know!
  • Priority response to stories: Responses to Snap Stars will have greater visibility
  • Post View Emoji: It is now possible to choose an emoji to show to friends immediately after sending a Snap. This will become a kind of personalized signature

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Snapchat Italy

  • Bitmoji Wallpapers: you can give your Bitmoji a touch of style with special backgrounds such as glittering gold or a paradise beach
  • Custom app icons: Subscribers can change their phone home with the unique app icons.
  • Rewatch indicator: You can see how many people are about your stories, without knowing who is doing it.
  • Best Friends Forever: You can choose a friend as the absolute number one thanks to this initiative to celebrate friendship on Snapchat.
  • Solar System: friends represent each person’s universe. You can find a special badge in a Friend Profile.
  • Ghost Trail: You can view your friends’ recent movements
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