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Sabrent: presented the new 1TB SD

Sabrent company added new 1TB V60 UHS-II SD card with 270MB / s speeds to its current product line

Sabrent (click here to visit the site) has a commitment to its customers: to provide a diverse range of products that are reliable, affordable and equipped with the latest technologies. They are always growing to meet the needs of their customers, always remaining excited about the future. The company, in recent days, presented its latest creation, the new 1TB SD card.

Details on Sabrent’s new 1TB SD card

Below are the main details of the new Sabrent SD card. Ideal for video in 8K, 4K e 1080p, plus everything in between. possesses a variety of capacity options and allows you to choose the amount of storage space best suited to your needs. Furthermore, these cards satisfy it standard V60, exceeding UHS Speed ​​Class 3 (U3) requirements. 1500/500 guaranteed read / write IOPS.

Powerful again combined controller with 112 layers BiCS5 TLC. This ensures reliable performance up to 270 / 170MBps or more for sequential reads and writes. There is also aprotection switch from writing so as not to accidentally delete or overwrite the contents. Finally, protective flash technologies help extend product life. Registration provides three years of warranty service.

Sabrent: presented the new 1TB SD

The full range of Sabrent Rocket V60 SD UHS-II cards

Always capture the right shot with memory cards Sabrent Rocket V60 SD UHS-II. With the performance you need to ensure recording and the ability to explore every corner. Don’t hold back your creativity: Sabrent memory cards meet all major standards and work with a wide range of cameras and other devices. New technology ensures your memory is reliable when you need it, with warranty and manual write protect switch for peace of mind.

Sabrent manufactures a wide range of products and is famous for its solid state memory. Memory cards are another favorite companion, able to easily adapt to your active lifestyle. Memory cards Rocket V60 SD UHS-II they are fast and consistent, so you can shoot and transfer without hesitation.

Sabrent: presented the new 1TB SD

High definition movies

These Rocket V60 UHS-II SD Memory Cards are ideal for i video in 8K, 4K e 1080p, plus everything else. These cards easily maintain sustained write speeds above 60 MBps to ensure a delay-free registration. Also great for taking photos and other types of real-time, high-speed capture.

In addition, they own up to 512 GB of capacity if you need it. You may have fewer cards to carry with you or dedicate a card to a single project. A variety of capacity options help you choose the amount of storage space that best suits your needs. Finally, these cards meet the standard V60exceeding the requirements UHS Speed Class 3 (U3). They also comply with A1 Application Performance Class specifications for 1500/500 guaranteed read / write IOPS. Flexible performance for content creation.

State-of-the-art hardware

Rocket V60 SD UHS-II memory cards use a new powerful controller combined with 112-Layer TLC. This ensures reliable performance up to 270 / 170MBps or more for sequential reads and writes. Get amazing speed from your portable memory.

Registration ensures two years of warranty service. The memory cards are also equipped with a convenient mechanical write protect switch that ensures that you do not accidentally erase or overwrite the contents. Inside, protective flash technologies help extend the life of the product.

Sabrent: presented the new 1TB SD

Not only the new 1 TB SD from Sabrent: here are all the products

  • Memory card Rocket V60 128GB SD UHS-II
  • Memory card SD UHS-II Rocket V60 da 256 GB
  • Rocket V60 512 GB SD UHS-II Memory Card
  • Rocket V60 Memory card 1 TB in SD UHS-II

To easily transfer files from SD cards to a wide range of devices, Sabrent also offers two new SD card readers.

  • USB Type-C Card Reader – Dual-Slot UHS-II SDXC and microSDXC SD 4.0 CR-CSDM
  • Lettore di schede da USB 3.2 Type-C e Type-A a SD Express 7.1 Card Reader CR-SDX7

And you? What do you think of this new one 1 TB SD card from Sabrent ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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