From video game to slot machine: when the title is successful!

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One way to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding audience is to transfer the narration of famous, tested and certainly successful video games to the reels of slot machines

Everyone knows slot machines and how they work, even those who have never played one. And many know how important it is, in a game model that repeats itself roughly identically from one title to another, to find some element of diversity that allows software houses to attract new audiences and consolidate the existing one and, for gamers , not to get bored and instead always find new stimuli.

One way to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding audience is to transfer the narration of famous, tested and certainly successful video games to the reels of slot machines.

This is why, today, entering a casino or scrolling through the list of slots in an online casino, it might seem like you are consulting the catalog of a videogame house: Call of Duty, Space Invaders, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Resident Evil they are certainly among the best slots with the highest RTP inspired by famous video games.

Here is our brief, but comprehensive, review. Enjoy the reading!

Call of Duty

The first slot machine we’re going to talk about is a more than classic title, which has played a lot on PlayStation: think that from 2003 to 2022, 21 chapters of the Call of Duty saga were released, to which must be added a dozen spin-off titles . For the uninitiated, it is a video game of the genre defined as a “first person shooter”, which has involved millions of passionate gamers all over the world.

Recently, the software house that produces it, Activision Blizzard, was acquired by Microsoft – Xbox and therefore, in the near future, it will be possible to play CoD from both PlayStation and Xbox.

Meanwhile, slot machine enthusiasts can enjoy the Call of Duty slot machine, available at all major online casinos. The symbols that spin on the reels, the special graphic effects and the sound effects are so captivating that, between one spin and another, it seems to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the original video game.

Space Invaders

Another super classic theme of video games is the defense against alien attacks, in the wake of the more traditional North American filmography and symbology: and here we are, therefore, with the Space Invaders slot machine, which however has Japanese, and not American, origins.

The theme is obvious: aliens attack planet Earth and the player must repel the extraterrestrial invasion at all costs. What might surprise is that Tomohiro Nishikado developed this video game way back in 1978: evidently, however, the work done is so successful that 45 years later, not only is the video game still played a lot, but chips are also bet on the slot inspired by this title.

From the very first Arcade version to those of Atari, Nintendo and gradually to all the others, the console game has evolved, from a graphic, sound and special effects point of view, obviously going to respond to the needs of the most recent generations of players. The Space Invaders slot machine, on the other hand, due to a precise choice of the producers, fully follows the splendid vintage and retro version of 1978!

Tomb Raider

How to talk about online slot machines inspired by video games that have had great success with the public, without mentioning Tomb Raider? Impossible!

In 1996, the game was developed by Core Design to be originally released for the Sega Saturn and later for the PC and PlayStation. The notoriety and diffusion of the game were such as to push Warner Bros to make three films for the big screen (released between 2003 and 2018).

This is how Microgaming, one of the leading software houses in the gaming sector, decided to create a slot machine featuring the English archaeologist Lara Croft as the absolute protagonist: in search of ancient treasures, Lara must navigate 5 reels and 15 paylines.

Street Fighter

In this review of the best online slots inspired by the best known and most popular video games of all time, Street Fighter, for SF fans, is, after Space Invaders, the oldest. In fact, the release of the SF arcade video game dates back to 1987: throughout the 1990s and much later, it influenced and involved millions of gamers who were passionate about the “fighting” segment.

Turned kicks, jumped kicks, sequenced kicks, burst punches, … from the first version with two-button joystick to the controller with six, the hours spent challenging opponents are countless. And therefore, the Street Fighter themed slot machine from the developers of NetEnt could not fail to arrive in 2020.

The slot faithfully follows the game, right from the choice of characters: Ken, Ryu, Chun Li, Zangief, Guile. Must try absolutely!

Resident Evil

Here, the success of the title at the box office was such as to conceal from almost everyone that the inspiration for the film was the survival horror video game released way back in 1996. But who inspired the producer of the slot machine, at this point, remains a mystery, worthy of the setting of the film, the video game and the slot!

However, in the rotation of the reels, in the appearance of wild and scatter symbols and in the soundtrack of the Resident Evil game available on all major gambling platforms, you will find the same terrifying atmosphere: abandoned houses, zombies and lots and lots of fear.