FUJIFILM: 3 business domains in Italy united

FUJIFILM: riuniti i 3 business domain in Italia

Important news in FUJIFILM Italia, which has decided to bring together three business domains, Photo Imaging, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices, under a single direction, giving life to the new Imaging Solution Business Division

Since February 5th, the management of the three photographic divisions of FUJIFILM Italia it was entrusted to Guglielmo Allogisi, former EI & OD General Manager. Guglielmo Allogisi acquires under himself the commercial and marketing structure of the Photo Imaging division, as well as keeping under his responsibility those of Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices. Allogisi is asked to create a synergy between the three Divisions for an all-round business in which the value of a highly qualified offer will be widely communicated under the name of the Fujifilm brand. Yoshiki Kimura, President FUJIFILM Italy declares:

It is a strategic decision taken to further strengthen the relationship with our customers and at the same time optimize and create new business opportunities and which we believe strongly contributes to the realization of our corporate mission, that is to improve the lives of individuals also through the photographic experience. . Photography is culture, sharing, passion, it is a memory that is always lit and alive.

FUJIFILM: a new era under one leadership

FUJIFILM Italy thus presents itself to the Imaging market in a “compact” way, responding to customer needs with a team capable of creating value for all products and solutions of the three divisions. In concrete terms, the commercial, marketing and communication actions of the three divisions will be interconnected to increase knowledge in the various areas in which the company operates, which sees technological commitment and continuous research in the Imaging field.

FUJIFILM: 3 business domains in Italy united

Guglielmo Allogisi, in FUJIFILM Italy since August 2003, has contributed greatly to the expansion of the compact digital camera market, subsequently successfully managed the business change with the introduction of the X Series first, then the Large Format, both for the consumer channel and the professional channel. Since 2019, taking over the commercial and marketing management of cinema lenses, binoculars, video projectors and video surveillance products, he has strengthened their activity in Italy, helping to make Fujifilm an influential PLAYER in the optical device market also in the Italian panorama. . That’s all from the photography section, keep following us for many other news!