“It is worth fighting for” | Quotes from the Cinema

“It is worth fighting for” |  Quotes from the Cinema

Quotes from Cinema has chosen the phrase “The World is a great place and worth fighting for” pronounced by Morgan Freeman in Seven

It black thriller di David Fincher is considered among the best of its kind 25 years after its release. This is due to the tension it knows how to create during its development, to the ending built on a memorable stage fault and to the dialogues of the highest depth and content. Among the various speeches exposed in the film Seven, we decided to deal with the sentence quoted in the final scene:

Ernest Hemingway once said: “The world is a great place and it is worth fighting for”. I agree with the second part

This concept is said by Detective William Somerset, played by Morgan Freeman. The man, after seeing his colleague in anger commit an atrocious act and not being able to stop him, confides his thoughts on the world and humanity in general.

In this sentence he in turn quotes a great writer and clarifies that only part of the content he has extrapolated is acceptable to him: the idea of ​​fighting and fighting, for himself and for society.

With that “I agree with the second part” he explains how badly he sees and finds in the current world but how much it is increasingly necessary to fight to improve things. His idea is therefore not to try to abandon everything to his own destiny, but rather to find a point from which to develop an improvement and a growth. According to him, the world is not as beautiful as it can be described in a book, but this does not mean that we should soften up and leave things as they are. It is extremely necessary to stop looking away but strive for the improvements you want.

"It is worth fighting for" |  Quotes from the Cinema

A personal and global concept

The idea that “it’s worth fighting for”Is valid both personally and collectively.

Morgan Freeman’s character says it by explaining that what you have to keep fighting for is all over the world. The stimuli and energies must be found to face the brutalities present in a society abandoned to its fate, where justice is running water on all sides and innocence is a totally abstract and almost meaningless concept. In a world where indifference is the basis of everything and where even the same character wonders if it is worthwhile to grow a new creature, the only possible thing to do is to intervene and fight to improve things.

On another level, his sentence can also be analyzed on a personal level. In fact, everyone has their own dreams or adversities for which they must challenge themselves and overcome the limits they find on the road. The concept according to which “it’s worth fighting for”Is therefore also valid on an individual level.

The message of this ending is that wherever there is a problem, it is right to fight hard to find the solution and apply it. Improving is a long process that takes time, which requires a lot of perseverance and conviction in what you do. However, it’s always worth giving it a try and trying to fight for what you want.

Seven is especially special for the concept it tries to convey to the public. David Fincher is a master in analyzing in depth psychological elements that are part of human life and we see these abilities both in his latest work and in serial productions, unfortunately left incomplete at the behest of brands and lower economic revenues than to expectations.