FUJIFILM GFX100: firmware and software updates

FUJIFILM announces a new firmware update for GFX100 which will be released in June 2021, to surprise even more with all its shooting power, as well as Pixel Shift Combiner update

The GFX100 is a flagship model in the Large Format GFX series of mirrorless digital cameras, boasting an impressive 102 megapixel resolution thanks to its sensor about 70% larger than the 35mm full frame sensor. With on-body image stabilization (IBIS), the GFX100 offers advanced versatility, a removable EVF and the benefit of up to 5.5 stops. The upcoming firmware update will completely transform it, as a newly launched product as it will benefit from a multitude of additional features and operational enhancements, for autofocus (AF) performance equivalent to that of the latest model with cutting edge technology, FUJIFILM GFX100S.

FUJIFILM: GFX100 firmware update, all features

Autofocus performance improved to the same level as the GFX100S

New FUJIFILM firmware updates the autofocus algorithm to the latest version to increase its AF speed and Face / Eye-detection performance, improving AF accuracy even in portrait and photo photography of subjects in action. The ability to track a moving subject will also be improved, making it possible to maintain accurate focus on a moving subject.

Coordinated control of image stabilization mechanisms in the body (IBIS) and in the lens (OIS)

The new firmware allows for coordinated control of in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and optical image stabilization (OIS) of the lens. Image stabilization is applied with an optimal correction based on the acceleration of the two mechanisms, the frequency detected by the gyroscopic sensors and the amount of camera shake, so as to minimize the blur due to movement even when shooting hand-held . This improves the image stabilization function, by an additional 0.5 stops, of OIS-equipped GF lenses such as the FUJINON GF120mmF4 R LM OIS WR Macro lens and the FUJINON GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR lens.

Added “Nostalgic Neg.” Film simulation

The new firmware adds the “Nostalgic Neg.” Film simulation, featuring colors and tones reminiscent of (the current) America New Color, which emerged in the 1970s to support the potential of color expressions around the world and established color photography as a mainstream style for fine photographic arts. The style simultaneously combines “soft hue” with “high saturation” and applies warm amber to the highlights to soften the look while keeping the fine details and pop colors in the shadows for lyrical looks.

This new update adds the ability to generate color-accurate 100MP images and detect defective images during the image generation process

Pixel Shift Combiner software update

To this major firmware update, FUJIFILM adds the Pixel Shift Combiner update to version, which provides the ability to generate color-accurate 100MP images and detect defective images during the image generation process.

Typically, an image sensor records only one of three colors, red (R), green (G), or blue (B) within a pixel. Information about the other two colors is estimated and integrated based on surrounding pixel data. The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function automatically captures images as it moves the camera’s image sensor to record information about all three colors for each of its pixels, thus enabling color reproduction that completely eliminates false colors (= Colors accurate).

The latest software version adds a new “Color Accurate” option to produce 100MP images without false colors, in addition to the existing function of generating 400 MP ultra-high resolution images in accurate colors.

Another addition is the function to automatically detect an error when images cannot be combined correctly due to camera shake that occurred while taking photos. The ability to detect defective images before image generation is complete accelerates photographers’ workflow.

An additional new feature in the FUJIFILM update allows for the enlarged display of combined RAW images for checking details. This means that users can visually check the details of the combined RAW images within the Pixel Shift Combiner before processing them in the RAW development software. In other words, the workflow steps up to checking the combined images can be completed within the Pixel Shift Combiner.

All the features of the Pixel Shift Combiner update

  • Ability to create 100MP color accurate images as well as 400MP images

Users can choose between “High Resolution + Accurate Colors” and the new “Accurate Colors” option according to their preferences.

  • Pprocesses of image generation

To record accurate RGB information with all pixels, the function moves the image sensor by the size of one pixel and shoots four frames.

  • Defective image detection during image generation

Pixel Shift Combiner detects image defects, caused by vibrations, etc., while taking photos and displays a warning during image generation.

  • New “enlarged display” function for checking the generated images.

Users can double-click a job that has been processed in the Job List to see an enlarged view of the generated image, making it easy to visually check whether each of the jobs is successful or not.