FUJIFILM: Instant Rebate su serie FX

Fujifilm launches Instant Rebate promotion on XF series lenses for November-December

The Fujifilm promotion on two iconic lenses of the XF Series is underway. From November 22nd to December 31st 2021 you will be entitled to an immediate cash discount for the purchase of the FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R, the fixed focal length lens with extremely fast and precise AF, and the XF50mmF1.0 R WR , the optics that marks a new era in portrait photography.

The Instant Rebate promotion is dedicated to two versatile lenses that adapt to the most diverse shooting styles: street, documentary, nature, landscapes or portraits.

Fujifilm: instant rebate awaiting the new XF series lenses

You will receive a discount when purchasing a new XF23mm F1.4 or XF50mm F1.0 lens from a Fujifilm Professional Dealer, either in a physical store or online, during the promotion period, i.e. from November 22nd to December 31st 2021. immediate equal to 200 euros including VAT. The discount of 200 euros is intended for each goal.

The discount is immediate and is triggered directly at the cash desk or when the web transaction is finalized. In addition, the promo includes multiple purchases and discounts, i.e. you can decide to expand your photographic equipment by bringing home only one or both lenses and take advantage of savings of up to 400 euros in total. (€ 200 discount for each lens purchased).

The objectives of the promotion

FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 is a next generation prime lens that delivers exceptional image sharpness even wide open at F1.4 and with AF performance that delivers fast and highly accurate autofocus in both photos and videos , to adapt to any shooting situation.

The XF50mmF1.0 R WR is an ultra bright fixed focal length medium telephoto lens and a maximum aperture of F1.0. It is the brightest interchangeable lens ever produced by Fujifilm and offers beautiful bokeh, with extremely soft defocused backgrounds, while achieving incomparable resolving power, thanks to its large diameter design. The lens can also be used at smaller apertures to further increase sharpness over the entire image area, thus allowing great versatility of use.