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FUJIFILM launches eShop platform | GFX

FUJIFILM launches eShop X platform | GFX, a wide-ranging European project designed and implemented to create a reference space on the web, in which products, technological innovation and the brand’s philosophy become even closer to photographers and enthusiasts

Fujifilm presents its eShop X | GFX where you can buy, but where to find all the information you need before you can decide.

In fact, the platform was born with the determination to act not as a cold direct sales channel, in which to live only a shopping experience, but it is a place where you can quickly and on hand a complete list of FUJIFILM products on the market, in which find first product descriptions, official prices, information on promotions.

FUJIFILM and the new eShopX platform | GFX

The new online shop is dedicated, as the name suggests, to the X series and also to its specialized optics, thus collecting all the products and also an informative catalog for the buying guide. You can also see a category dedicated to accessories and also one to promotions, so that you can keep them monitored directly from the platform according to purchase interests.

Moreover, Fujifilm Italia is among the first Countries selected for this important launch, in line with the aim of being a fundamental player in the imaging market and an ally, not just a brand, to which the professional as much as the amateur can place their trust.

FUJIFILM eShop will be one more tool to get closer to the needs of the end user. Fujifilm Italia will continue its project with FPDs – Fujifilm Professional Dealer – that is to build a solid network with the most experienced and competent sales points in the sector with which to face the challenges of a constantly evolving market and develop activities and services with the common goal of satisfy the final customer.