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FUJIFILM: presented the new Instax Mini 12

FUJIFILM launches the new Instax Mini 12 on the market three years after the last Instax Mini model: let’s discover all the news of this new snapshot together

FUJIFILM Introduces New INSTAX MINI 12 Instant: Designed from all the best models in the popular INSTAX MINI instant camera series, MINI 12 combines upgrades and advanced features with fun aesthetics.

FUJIFILM: here is the new Instax Mini 12

With a design reminiscent of colored bubbles, INSTAX MINI 12 incorporates the main features of the instant camera MINI 11 (launched in 2020)including Close-Up/Selfie mode and automatic exposure adjustment functionality. In addition, it has a new parallax correction function, which aligns the camera’s viewfinder with the lens when using Close-Up mode, reducing object movement and resulting in a centered photo.

FUJIFILM: presented the new Instax Mini 12

INSTAX MINI 12 also features automatic flash control, which helps prevent washed-out images. The new lens structure allows intuitive steps both to turn the camera on and off and to switch to the well-known Close-up/Selfie mode with a simple rotation of the lens.

FUJIFILM: Instax Mini 12 price and availability

INSTAX MINI 12 comes in five exciting colors, Blossom Pink, Mint Green, Clay White, Lilac Purple and Pastel Blue, and will be available starting March 16, 2023 at the suggested retail price of €89.99.

The news for Instax enthusiasts is not finished

The new INSTAX UP!, the smartphone app designed for INSTAX instant photography enthusiasts, has been available since March.

FUJIFILM: INSTAX UP! the app to archive all your snapshots

With INSTAX UP! you can:

  • Scan your INSTAX prints, including the frame, by simply holding your phone over the photo and store them digitally in one place. All formats are supported: mini, SQUARE, WIDE.
  • Organize your photos into categories or lists for easier location
  • Easily share photos and saved INSTAX collections on social media and messaging services.
  • Import to the INSTAX Up! App photos from other INSTAX apps (INSTAX mini LINK, INSTAX Link WIDE etc.)
  • Always be informed about the latest INSTAX updates, tips and creative content

INSTAX UP! was developed with the help of feedback from users who, wishing to digitally archive and share their INSTAX prints, had tried to do so simply by photographing them with their smartphone. However, this technique can capture reflections due to the glossy surface of the print, as well as some distortions, including loss of film edge texture. INSTAX UP! simplifies and improves the process of digitally archiving your favorite INSTAX prints and turning them into shareable posts.