FUJIFILM presents the second edition of printlife @ home

Fujifilm opens the second edition of the digital exhibition printlife @ home, to narrate the life of this particular year, in which all over Europe we found ourselves with a sociality to be reinvented.

After the success of the first edition, FUJIFILM presents “printlife @ home”, a virtual photographic exhibition featuring all those who love photography and want to leave a trace on the web.

The photos, which will be exhibited virtually, will tell the story of everyday life, a diary that will remain etched in the collective memory, a choral exhibition, with multiple voices and visions, in which everyone can take part.

After long periods of closure, away, of “will we come back to embrace each other?”, Throughout Europe photography has become essential for collecting memories, testimonies of what is being experienced. As families, friends and loved ones begin to come together, FUJIFILM opens a space to upload photos of a private moment that becomes a public story, a story of today to share.

From 23 August until 5 December 2021, you can upload your photos to participate and be part of FUJIFILM “printlife @ home” and the exhibition will be available on the official Fujifilm website.

Fujifilm: printlife @ home a second digital edition that everyone can take part in

Anyone who feels the need to leave their own contribution will be able to send their photos to the platform, regardless of whether the images are taken with a smartphone or with a camera. Creating photographic memories and being able to relate those moments lived in the past has provided comfort, reassurance and light-heartedness to many during these difficult moments.

Fujifilm reopens a space where users not only share their special shots, but also photo compositions or exhibitions in their own home to restore the feeling of being in personal galleries, providing the perfect setting for storytelling.

David Honey, Fujifilm Europe General Manager Photo Imaging, said: “Over the past 18 months, so many of us have gone back to looking at old photos to refresh our memories of what life was like before the global pandemic, seeking the solace of nostalgia. At Fujifilm we firmly believe in the power of photography that captures and preserves memories for years: each shot tells a unique story. printlife @ home is open to everyone, both professional photographers and smartphone photographers. ” – and continues: “And we don’t stop there. This year, after so long apart, we want printlife @ home to help bring people together creatively and encourage everyone to get involved with their friends and loved ones on SoMe, as well as produce photo prints of their special moments. We want this exhibition to attract people from all over the world to join us and be part of something truly unique and special, together! ”.

FUJIFILM printlife @ home is open to any Internet user. Fujifilm will also award the most creative and significant contributions; each week, through an independent jury, he will choose five photos and their authors to whom instax products and related films will be assigned. The first place will go to the SHARE SP3 printer, the second to the instax mini LiPlay instant camera, to the third to the SQUARE SQ1 camera, to the fourth to the mini 40 and to the fifth to the mini 11.

FUJIFILM presents the second edition of printlife @ home

In response to cancellation or postponement due to coronavirus pandemic, dIn FUJIFILM’s global exhibition of 100,000 shots in 2020, printlife @ home was born as a European project designed to provide a platform, a way for budding photographers, professionals and hobbyists to connect with each other. During the last edition, more than 10,500 photos were uploaded, offering a unique insight into the stories emerging across the continent.

David Honey also reiterates: “Last year’s exhibit truly demonstrated the shared and unique simultaneous experiences we have all experienced over the past 18 months, focusing on the various cultures, roles and identities that emerge from the hundreds of thousands of photos uploaded. The printlife @ home exhibition offers a unique snapshot of how everyday life has changed – and continues to change – using the power of photography. We want to continue this journey of discovery also for 2021 and we can’t wait to be overwhelmed by the thousands of subscriptions we will receive ”.

This year, 500 of the photos uploaded to printlife @ home will also be presented in September on display at The Photography Show in Birmingham – UK.