FUJIFILM: the Instax series for the perfect Christmas gift

FUJIFILM and its Instax series cameras are the right gift for the approaching Christmas, above all they are present in many variations, perfect to meet everyone’s tastes

Gifting and sharing an emotion with FUJIFILM is possible, thanks to the instax series which includes instant cameras and small format printers. instax is synonymous with practicality, compactness, technology, sharing, all at your fingertips. Let’s find out together all the cameras with their characteristics and who we can give them this year.

FUJIFILM: Instax cameras, the perfect Christmas gift

Instax Link WIDE

FUJIFILM: the Instax series for the perfect Christmas gift

Instax Link Wide, the latest in the line-up of instax instant printing devices, marks an absolute novelty as it is the first to print images in a larger format, on instax WIDE instant film.

Link WIDE transfers an image and starts printing in about 12 seconds. In addition, it supports continuous printing and is capable of generating approximately 100 instax instant prints per single battery charge, for versatility of use never seen before. In addition, up to 10 copies of the same photo can be printed continuously.

The Link WIDE app has been designed for maximum ease of use and to provide users with an incredible variety of useful image printing options such as: editing tools such as cropping or image correction, different filters, photo collages, adding text to the printed image, 1,600 stickers to print on the photo and many editable frame templates.

Among its most innovative functions we find: Sketch, Edit & print, to import your sketches or sketches on the photo and print them on the photo; Printing of selected video frames; QR Code mode that gives the possibility to add a QR code to the photo to be reconnected to a sound or voice message, to a website, the position of a location, a hidden text message.

Instax Link WIDE is for sale at the suggested retail price of € 149.99.

Instax mini 11

Instax mini 11 is sparkling, super social, pleasantly compact, loves to bring friends and family together. From the transparent satin finish on the lens to the instax logo embossed on the back, this nimble camera has been designed with an obsessive attention to detail, even the smallest ones.

Built-in auto exposure brings out both the subject and the context in which it is located. Simple to use, but not at the expense of print quality, mini 11 is always ready for action.

Taking selfies and close-ups with instax mini 11 is very simple, just extract the lens by grabbing it from the front edge and here appears, as if by magic, a lens made especially for selfies, in the same color as the camera body.

FUJIFILM instax mini 11 is available in five different pastel shades (Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White and Lilac Purple) at the indicative price, suggested to the public, of 79.99 euros including VAT. The camera is also equipped with two different shutter buttons that are interchangeable according to the preferences of the users.

Instax mini 40 Classica

FUJIFILM: the Instax series for the perfect Christmas gift

FUJIFILM instax mini 40, the analog instant camera with a classic design.

Designed to be carried anywhere, instax mini 40 is finished with a high quality texture that fits comfortably in one hand. The body is bright black, trimmed with silver details, which give life to a sophisticated and timeless look. Due to its peculiar design, it fits perfectly in the hands of a more adult and sophisticated user. He winks at the female universe, but at the same time his style attracts the shooting fantasy of the male audience who will find in this instant camera gender belonging to express himself, his own vision.

With instax mini 40 you can express your creativity anytime and at any time of the day. With automatic shutter speed and brightness settings, what you see is what you get in every shot, every time. The automatic exposure function, which it is equipped with, automatically detects the ambient light level when the shutter button is pressed, so as to optimize the shutter speed and flash output according to the surrounding environment. It allows you to take high-quality photos, even for those approaching instant photography for the first time.

Let’s forget about changing the lens! instax mini 40 is ready to hit the track in no time. Then, thanks to the built-in selfie lens, just pose in front of the mirror and capture a unique and original selfie.

Fujifilm instax mini 40 is available at a suggested retail price of € 99.99 including VAT.

Instax mini LiPlay

FUJIFILM: the Instax series for the perfect Christmas gift

Fujifilm instax mini LiPlay is more than just snap and print. It’s an instant camera and a miniature smart smartphone printer at the same time, but not just because it also makes the photos talk.

Fujifilm instax mini LiPlay is the first hybrid camera in the “mini” format. Small, compact, with a refined design, it is available in three irresistible color variants: Stone White, Elegant Black and Blush Gold. It is an instant camera and a miniature smart printer for smartphones at the same time, and it also makes the photos talk. By selecting the “Print with Audio” mode, the camera also records a short audio clip along with the shot. The clip is then printed on the film in the form of a QR code: framing it, you can listen to the sound of the snapshot and go back to that fantastic moment.

Fujifilm Mini LiPlay is available at the suggested retail price of 169.99 including VAT.

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1 combines simplicity, functionality and design to achieve exciting photos in a generous square format. More fun. More friends. More potential.

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1 is design in the foreground. Available in Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue or Chalk White, SQ1 is an adventure companion to be proudly displayed. Shades for all tastes, squared camera body designed ad hoc, rounded handles with anti-slip texture: this gem is made to shine everywhere.

Its main features include automatic exposure, ie it automatically detects the ambient light level when the shutter button is pressed. Together with the built-in selfie mirror, it features One-Touch Selfie mode for taking selfies and macro shots. Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1 is available in three colors, Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue and Chalk White, at the recommended price of € 139.99 (VAT included).

Instax mini Link

FUJIFILM: the Instax series for the perfect Christmas gift

Fujifilm instax mini Link is the new instant smartphone printer perfect companion to print the photos you like anytime, anywhere!

Thanks to the dedicated app and the Bluetooth connection it is very easy to make the device communicate with the smartphone, whether it is Android or iOs. To print a photo with instax mini Link, simply swipe up with your finger on the app and after a few seconds, the snapshot will develop in your hands.

But the fun is not all here: thanks to the party function, up to 5 smartphones can be connected to the device, the simultaneous connection allows you to create truly unique collages, seeing is believing!

Three trendy colors: Dusky Pink, Dark Denim and Ash White

Suggested retail price including VAT: € 119.00.