FUJIFILM: the X-HS2 is coming with new sensor and processor

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During the new appointment with Omiya’s X-Summit, FUJIFILM presented the X-HS2 camera with many new features including the processor and the sensor

The new appointment with X-Summit in Omiya was virtually held in which FUJIFILM generally presents the news of the season. And this time the news are so many, among them certainly the new APS-C format camera, X-HS2 with a new stacked sensor and new processor both of the fifth generationAI integrated in the AF system, 40 fps burst and possibility for videomakers to use it for professional purposes.

FUJIFILM X-HS2: all the news of the sensor and processor

Our attention immediately focuses on the sensor: 26 Mpxl X-Trans CMOS 5 HS Stacked, which allows a burst of 15 fps with mechanical shutter and up to 40 fps in electronic. Added to this, there is also an improved AF tracking with integrated AI that allows you to recognize moving subjects, thus placing this camera in the perfect market for those involved in wildlife or sports photography.

The potential is not lacking even for those involved in video, in fact by focusing on the processor, we see a new new X-Processor 5 with which you can get to 6K30p and 4K / 120p. There are also the latest codecs, ProRes 422 HQ, H.265 and HEIF as well as supports such as CFexpress Type B. The structure of the camera body certainly helps, because it favors the cooling system with an important 1.5mm magnesium alloy cage. thick, able to dissipate heat more efficiently. Consequently, the weight of the machine and its structure are more important than that of the XT models, also because here we are still dealing with a Hybrid product.

X-HS2: price and availability on the market

The new X-HS2 will be available on the market starting from July 2022 at a price of € 2799.99 body only. Other versions of this machine will follow in September with new features that concern more its photographic department.