Fujifilm: trionfa al Red Dot Design Award 2021

FUJIFILM grosses a staggering success at Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2021 collecting 29 awards and also wins, with the highest score, the “Best of the Best Award” for the FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000 ultra short throw projector

In this edition of the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2021, Fujifilm sets a record never achieved in all previous editions, namely 29 of its winning products, from various business sectors, including the instax instant camera series and the X and GFX series digital cameras. Fujifilm’s award-winning products have stood out not only for an attractive design, but also for a design that achieves exceptional functionality and performance. In addition, iThe FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000 ultra-short throw projector received the “Best of the Best Award” with the highest score in the program.

The Red Dot Design Award, organized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, based in Essen in Germany, is an international design award born in 1995. The products to be awarded must have a high degree of innovation, functionality, design quality, ergonomics, resistance, symbolic and emotional contents and a proven ecological compatibility.

FUJIFILM has always been committed to and will continue to create new value for its products by developing designs that not only offer attractive designs, but also provide the ultimate in operability and portability for ease of use and comfort.

FUJIFILM: all the products awarded at the Red Dot Awards 2021

Among the approximately 7,800 products, coming from all over the world, below are the Fujifilm products awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2021: these are 24 products, excluding the 5 not yet on the market.

Fujifilm: trionfa al Red Dot Design Award 2021

  • 1. PROJECTOR Z8000 Ultra Short Throw Projector – Premio Best of the Best
  • 2. instax mini7 + instant camera (model not for the Italian market)
  • 3. instax mini instant camera 11
  • 4. “instax SQUARE SQ1” instant camera
  • 5. GFX100S mirrorless digital camera
  • 6. X-T4 mirrorless digital camera
  • 7. X-E4 mirrorless digital camera
  • 8. X-S10 mirrorless digital camera
  • 9. X100V digital camera
  • 10. FUJINON XF50mm F1.0 R WR, interchangeable lens for X series digital cameras
  • 11. FUJINON XF10-24mm F4 R OIS WR, Interchangeable Lens for X Series Digital Cameras
  • 12. FUJINON GF30mmF3.5 R WR, interchangeable lens for GFX range digital cameras
  • 13. FUJINON GF100-200mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR, Interchangeable Lens for GFX Series Digital Cameras
  • 14. FUJINON UA107 × 8.4BESM AF, 4K compatible broadcast zoom lens
  • 15. FUJINON UA24 × 7.8BERD S6B, 4K compatible broadcast zoom lens
  • 16. FUJINON HP66 × 15.2-ESM, 8K compatible broadcast zoom lens
  • 17. FUJINON HP12 × 7.6ERD-S9, objective zoom broadcast compatible 8K
  • 18. FUJINON Premista19-45mmT2.9, zoom lens for cinema cameras
  • 19. Binocolo FUJINON HYPER-CLARITY HC8 × 42/10 × 42
  • 20. Expansion Unit EX-1 per endoscopia
  • 21. DRI-CHEM NX600, automatic clinical chemistry analyzer
  • 22. Mouthpiece B1, drop protection mouthpiece for endoscope
  • 23. UVIQUE, inkjet solution
  • 24. FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium8 data cartridge, magnetic tape storage medium