FUJIFILM X-S10: Firmware update available

FUJIFILM announces a firmware update (version 2.00) for FUJIFILM X-S10, to improve photo and video performance

FUJIFILM will release a free firmware update for X-S10 at the end of June 2021, which will thus be accompanied by new functions and improved usability, all this in response to the feedback received from users and admirers of the X Series. improvements of this new update.

FUJIFILM: Full details of firmware 2.00 for X-S10

  • Support for wired shooting

The new firmware adds wired shooting capability, which can be used by connecting the X-S10 to a computer running “Capture One” “Tether Shooting Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” or “FUJIFILM X Acquire.”

The tethered shooting function can be used both via a USB cable connection and also wirelessly over a Wi-Fi network.

  • Remote control functionality from gimbal via USB port

Thanks to this firmware update, the combination of X-S10 with a compatible gimbal, which supports its remote control functionality, will allow users to start / stop video recording, specify exposure settings for video (shutter speed , aperture value, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation) and make manual focus adjustments possible.

  • Function specific block

The new firmware adds a lock option to the settings for buttons and dials in the Settings menu. By enabling the feature, inadvertent changes to the dial / button settings will be prevented.