FUJIFILM X-T5: a first impression of the new mirrorless

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FUFJIFILM X-T5 is the new mirrorless of the X system that brings several new features compared to the X-T4 model. We got a chance to try it out and get a first impression

During an event designed for printing in Milan, that is #fujifilmstudio, FUJIFILM is offering two new products on trial that will recently be on the market, the mirrorless X-T5 and the Instax Quare link printer.

This event is designed to make the most of the entire history of the Japanese company, that is a story that concerns shooting and printing. Precisely for this reason, along with the new products on trial on the showroom walls, there were photographs taken by X-photographers and printed on FUJIFILM paper.

The attention was certainly captured by the new mirrorless X-T5, available for testing and a first impression of use. A machine that looks like small, light, compact and very solid. A camera designed primarily for photographers and that fits within a travel or street photography. Its portability is certainly an important sign: the X-T5 with a fixed lens tending to wide angle fits in one hand and could probably also fit in your pocket.

FUJIFILM X-T5: the test of the new X series mirrorless

In fact, we tried it with the new one FUJINON 27mm F2.8, which is perfect for panoramas, landscapes and street photography. The machine becomes of more demanding weight with the 56 mm F 1.2but also increases the fun of a perfect lens for street portraiture, very bright and also very defined even at maximum aperture.

The camera body mirrors that of the X series, therefore with the manual control dials and a fully reclining and modular LCD screen and this last point is an improvement over the previous X-T4. Inside, we find a very small 40 megapixel sensor which is what makes the machine so light and which leans on the focus to the new deep learning system and Ai working simultaneously on moving subjects.

The result is a very pleasant shooting experience which is placed not only in a market of photographers who already own FUJIFILM, but which also approaches those who are approaching that type of cameras for the first time, thanks to the immediacy of the system and its main commands.

The new FUJIFILM X-T5 will be available starting November 17 at a price of € 2039.99 body only and € 2449.99 with 18-55 lens kit.