Fujitsu: the new LIFEBOOK line for professionals

Fujitsu: the new LIFEBOOK line for professionals

The new models of the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK series are updated with the latest generation hardware to satisfy the most demanding professionals, always with the characteristic resistance

Fujitsu is one of the largest PC manufacturers dedicated to professionals among PCs, workstations and supercomputers. With the arrival of the new processors of the latest generation, an upgrade was necessary in order not to be left behind.

Fujitsu LIKEBOOK U7: a premium business model

Fujitsu has updated its family of Ultra-Mobile Premium Business systems with new LIFEBOOK models. Available in Italy through FINIX Technology Solutions, the FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U7 series refresh introduces i brand new 11 * generation Intel Core processors and a number of overall improvements that propel users to an unprecedented level of productivity.

Available with models of various sizes1, the LIFEBOOK U7 series introduces a virtually bezel-less display on 14 “and 15.5” notebooks. The new models are thinner and up to 15% smaller than those of the previous generation. This subtle look declined in warm silver or black results in a strong visual presence that is not lacking even with the screen open thanks to a practically frameless design combined with a sIntel IRIS Xe graphics system with dual-channel memory for vivid, sharp images that fill the display almost to the extreme edges. For those on the go, connectivity is essential, as is a full day of battery life. The new Advanced range of LIFEBOOK models introduces integrated 5G technology for the fastest possible mobile connectivity, while a powerful one 65Wh battery allows you to work all day without the need for cables. Charging is done through the convenient ports USB-C Thunderbolt 4.

The mobility is highlighted by the possibility to choose between the practicality of Windows Hello o Fujitsu PalmSecure contact-free authentication, a technology that provides the highest degree of security of any other integrated biometric authentication system. An electronic ePrivacy filter4 reduces the viewing angle of the display to make it more difficult for someone to peek at the screen. And with the Privacy Camera Shutter, a manual lens cap, the built-in webcam is definitely inactive when it needs to be turned off. However, all these new features do not translate into additional weight: new super-strong magnesium alloy casings reduce the weight of the entire range, with the 14 ″ LIFEBOOK U7411 model reaching just 1200g and the 15.6 ″ version which reaches only 1500g.

Fujitsu: the new LIFEBOOK line for professionals

Fujitsu LIKEBOOK E5: for a long life

Fujitsu also introduced the LIFEBOOK E5 extended life cycle series that guarantees availability without updates or changes – for example motherboard and BIOS – for 24 months, an ideal solution for certification with software or hardware applications custom: an essential feature for vertical markets such as healthcare, retail or public administration, where all new systems must be pre-tested and certified to ensure compatibility with business-critical peripherals and accessories. Customers working in these sectors can now rely on LIFEBOOK E5 models (available in Italy through FINIX Technology Solutions) to have a stable and robust business platform with an extended life cycle.

Rüdiger Landto, Fujitsu’s Head of Client Business Europe, said:

This new generation of notebooks offers the best in computing performance, security, flexibility and portability, all essential elements in a world of work that has changed forever as a result of the pandemic. Regardless of how and where users work, these devices will allow them to be productive throughout the day. And with our extended life notebooks, businesses can have the peace of mind of a system that ensures continuity and availability for their long-term needs.

Manuela Chinzi, Sales Director of FINIX Technology Solutions, said:

Thanks to features such as the camera shutter and the electronic ePrivacy filter, these LIFEBOOKs are perfect for working on the move and guaranteeing privacy and security in any situation. Furthermore, the high-level finishes such as the magnesium body or the integrated LAN port enhance the first-rate components, making this series of notebooks the perfect companion for any need, both for business and for everyday life.

Fujitsu LIKEBOOK U9311 and U9311X: light and powerful

Designed during the pandemic, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U9311 next-generation model was created to focus on the busy professional’s new normal. Based on the 11th generation of the Intel vPro platform and even more powerful, with greater autonomy and lighter than ever – only 885 grams – this new flagship model of the LIFEBOOK range redefines the meaning of working without compromising. All models of the LIFEBOOK range are available in Italy through FINIX Technology Solutions.

Light as a feather, the LIFEBOOK U9311X convertible model and the LIFEBOOK U9311 clamshell version are two 13.3 ″ notebooks equipped with Windows 10 Professional and a full-size keyboard that weigh several ounces less than the main tablet-keyboard combinations available on the market. LIFEBOOK U9311 model introduces 5G data connectivity, while the LIFEBOOK U9311X model opens fully to become a tablet with a large 13.3 ″ touchscreen.

Fujitsu: the new LIFEBOOK line for professionals

Radical improvements of 2021 characterize the range of high-end LIFEBOOK systems, designed specifically for new styles of work. The most apparent novelty externally is the ultra-thin frame of the LIFEBOOK U9311 model which makes the screen practically flush, contributing to the extremely small footprint. One magnesium alloy chassis makes notebooks sturdy enough to withstand the bumps and bumps they receive when carried around. A front HD camera integrated ensures super sharp images – and can be closed with a new mechanical lid. The quality of the conversations is clear and understandable thanks to the best sound system ever used by a LIFEBOOK model, which uses the patented Dirac technologies for volume enhancement and frequency and impulse response correction specially adapted for small speakers.

The introduction of the Intel Iris Xe graphics system ensures a seamless immersive experience with applications that require graphics intensive capabilities – in line with even notebooks using more expensive entry-level discrete GPUs. The new LIFEBOOK models integrate Windows Hello for a convenient and simple login process, while Fujitsu PalmSecure contact-free biometric authentication technology provides the highest degree of security of any other integrated biometric authentication system. The various models are also equipped with Intel Hardware Shield: available exclusively on the Intel vPro platform, this solution offers the most complete hardware-based security for business users by implementing below-the-OS protection, data and application protection, and detection of advanced threats.

Fujitsu: the new LIFEBOOK line for professionals

5G mobile data arrives on select LIFEBOOK models for the first time offering access integrated with the fastest and most modern connectivity. The new models still retain the convenience of wired networking through a full-size LAN port accessible through an innovative foldable connector that avoids the need for a dongle. The full day of battery life reduces worries and avoids having to carry a power supply with its cable. For greater convenience, the charging of the new LIFEBOOK models is standardized on the door USB-C Thunderbolt 4. A new four-cell battery ensures greater levels of performance and durability.

Rüdiger Landto, Head of Product Category Management EMEA – Client Computing Devices – at Fujitsu, said:

We had the perfect opportunity to put the new job requirements at the center of everything in designing the improvements of the latest LIFEBOOK high-end models. As a result we were able to focus on making LIFEBOOK systems the perfect partners for those who work on the move and remotely regardless of their preference for clamshell models, for using the notebook as a tablet or for connecting to docks.

Manuela Chinzi, Sales Director of FINIX Technology Solutions, said:

When we think of the LIFEBOOK U9311X, the first thing that comes to mind is the extreme lightness and the possibility of overturning it at 360 °, thus combining the potential of a Laptop and a Tablet thanks to the rotating touch display. The fast recharging of the batteries, more than 80% in just one hour, with an estimated duration of 11 hours, the presence of a stylus and its housing for charging, the availability of all standard ports such as the HDMI or LAN port which therefore do not require external adapters, make this product extremely flexible and extremely versatile, especially for use on the move. The LIFEBOOK U9311X is available in classic black or in the exclusive fire red for those who want a peculiar and unmistakable elegance and style.

Availability and prices

The new LIFEBOOK U7, E5, U9311 and U9311X models can be ordered in Italy from FINIX Technology Solutions. Pricing varies by configuration. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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