Functions of a logo for business

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A logo is a graphic sign, emblem or symbol used to increase the recognition and recognizability of a product, company, etc.

Each year, hundreds of new companies enter the market, offering a variety of goods, products and services. The purpose of these companies is to make themselves known, to interest a potential audience, to anticipate competitors. The assigned tasks cannot be solved without the development of the corporate identity of the company, without the creation of a logo that would make its offer popular. In this article, you will learn the meaning of a logo for a company.

What is a logo

We are already used to the fact that the company has a logo. If there isn’t, then it looks like we’re dealing with an unreliable office. Good companies always have a good logo. What do you mean?

The first logos can equally be considered the mark of masters and knightly coats of arms. The former were the personal pride of medieval craftsmen and spoke of status and quality, the latter were necessary to identify a character in a tin can of armor and to reflect his status: clan, title, etc.

It is generally accepted that the appearance of the first logo is due to England, where the Red Triangle beer logo of the Bass & Co. beer company was registered in 1875.

Perhaps thanks to its simple and memorable patented red triangle (this is how the name of the beer is translated), the company has become one of the largest brewing companies in Britain and continues to exist today.

So what is a logo? A logo is a graphic sign, emblem or symbol used to increase the recognition and recognizability of a product, company, and so on. A logo is the name of what it identifies, in the form of stylized letters and / or ideograms.

Logos are widely used as trademarks. This is the most important element of the company’s image, which helps in its identification. Logo requirements: memorability, recognizability, originality, versatility, associativity, conciseness, expressiveness, functionality, scalability, suitability for reproduction by various means.

The logo performs the following functions

  • Included in the corporate identity creation toolkit;
  • Build consumer confidence in product quality;
  • attracts the attention of buyers;
  • It serves as a means of expressing the individuality and uniqueness of the brand;
  • It is a protection against counterfeiting.

The meaning of the logo for business

It is possible to list at length the advantages of the brand’s graphic signage. Help promote the company and all its products. The reason for this is the mass publication of the logo on product packaging, shop windows, banners, business cards, advertisements and mass media advertisements. Graphics are remembered faster and easier than text. Obviously, shoppers prefer products with an identity. Provides customer loyalty, the ability to stand out from the competition.

A company needs a logo, this is its main sign, which should appear in style as often as possible. There are several reasons for this. The most important are listed below.


Usually, a company tries to differentiate itself from competitors, stand out from each other and show their differences and uniqueness. Sometimes it is important to stand out with a logo where people can make their choice by comparing the logos. For example, when choosing an application on the market. If you look at the logo from this angle, it is important to make it at least different from the competitors’ logos.


If the logo looks outdated, sloppy, potential customers may think you also have poor service, a bad attitude towards your business, and a low-quality product. It is about cleanliness, modernity, quality of the logo and not about its idea or structure. More often it is about restaurants, services, services.

If there is only one logo

Sometimes a company, for financial reasons, can only afford a logo or, for economic reasons, only put a single color logo on the packaging. In this case, it is important that the sign alone can make at least a pleasant impression on the recipient of the package. For complete peace of mind, everyone wants to get a cute branded box, not cardboard from a dusty warehouse.

So, we told you about the importance of having a good logo for a company. With it, you can attract more customers and increase sales. We wish you the best of luck!