Furiosa: here is the trailer for the Mad Max prequel Fury Road

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The first trailer for Furiosa is finally available online, shared by Warner Bros on all its social accounts, it is the prequel film to the award-winning Mad Max Fury Road, which tells the story of the protagonist Furiosa

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time, but it’s finally here. After the great success of Mad Max Fury Road by George Miller, with numerous Oscar awards in the 2016 vintage, arrives Angrythe prequel with protagonists Anya Taylor-Joy e Chris Hemsworth, who after this film will return in Thor 5 with darker tones and a new director. The film is set 45 years after the global collapse. Charlize Tharonwho played Furiosa in the previous film, will not be present. She will talk about Furiosa’s story and how she was torn away from her family and her land and she will look for a way to return home and, as we know, she will only succeed many years later when she meets Max Rockatansky. He returns to directing George Millerthe progenitor of the post-apocalyptic genre and which reinvented the genre.

A crazy Chris Hemsworth in the Furiosa trailer

The trailer is pumped up to the max, already full of action scenes and explosions. A Anya Taylor-Joy just as charming as the more mature version of Furiosa played by Charlize Tharon and the villain of Chris Hemsworth it’s crazy to say the least and you can already smell great charisma, on the other hand the Australian actor has proven to work masterfully when playing villains. Contrary to what was thought, Hemsworth will not play the young Immortan Joe, who we can see in the trailer, but a new character: Dementus. The actor spoke about his character on stage CCXP in San Paoloalongside the protagonist Anya Taylor-Joy, specifying how dangerous it is.

He’s a complicated person. Very violent, unstable, brutal, she was born in the Wasteland, the world in which the Mad Max saga is set. She is the product of her environment, born in a place where you either kill or be killed. He has learned to govern with an iron fist. He has charisma, but he is very manipulative.

The film is set 15 years before Mad Max Fury Road of 2015, the fourth chapter of the saga that began in 1979 with the first chapter Interceptorcon Mel Gibson in the role of the protagonist. The saga has become a cult film, so much so that equally famous sagas such as Terminator or even the manga and anime of Ken The Warrior they took inspiration from George Miller’s masterpiece.

Furiosa: here is the trailer for the Mad Max prequel Fury Road

The synopsis of the film

As the world falls into ruin, the young Furiosa is torn away from the Green Place of the Many Mothers, and falls into the hands of a great Horde of Bikers led by the Warlord: Dementus. Traveling through the Wastelands, they come across the Citadel presided over by Immotan Joe. As the two tyrants battle for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials and muster the means to find her way home.

The film’s date is set for 23 maggio 2024a date which suggests that there will be a preview at Cannes Film Festival. George Miller is a master of cinema and never made a mistake with the Mad Max saga, which is why we are excited to delve into the Waste Lands again! Continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com so as not to miss the news from the world of cinema and TV series.

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