Futurama: Season 8 presents itself with a teaser trailer!

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The release is approaching faster and faster, as is the expectation, and in the meantime the new episodes of season 8 of Futurama were briefly shown in a teaser trailer: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

The most nostalgic of the 2000s will remember with great pleasure the afternoons spent in the company of Futurama. The series, conceived by Matt Groening and developed in collaboration with David X. Cohen, is about to make its official return from that distant 2013, when, under everyone’s tearful eyes, the last episode “In the meantime” was aired, an ending that left viewers in suspense (and many unresolved questions). From there, nothing more. Until, some time ago, the reboot was not officially announced.

Futurama: the new episodes of season 8 presented with a teaser trailer, what awaits us?

After a ten year absence, Futurama will return on July 24 to stream on Hulu TV and, on television, on Disney Plus screens. A colorful teaser trailer was recently released, which you can find above. Don’t be scared, we haven’t gone crazy: officially, this is the eighth season of Futurama, but due to some errors in the numbering, it is considered number 11 on various platforms.

The original cast returns in full force, as well as the spirit that has always characterized the series. According to the latest rumors it will be almost a real reboot that will and will have to give the answers that the fans have always been looking for, while allowing newbies to embark on this new journey without having to know great details of previous seasons.

And that’s it: have you seen the teaser trailer for Futurama season 8? What do you think about it? Let us know below in the comments section and stay tuned with us at TechGameWorld.com for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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