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Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have a larger external display (also from the new Oppo)

Galaxy Z Fold 5 e il Galaxy Z Flip 5 they should arrive in August and bring several new features to the brand’s folding smartphones: including a larger external display on the Flip – also of the new Oppo Find N2 Flip. Samsung is competing more than in the past, with several new foldables launched on the market. But it wants to confirm itself as the leader of the segment by renewing the design.

A larger external display for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5

Here to take a look at the Galaxy Z Flip

Every year, Samsung releases two different foldable smartphones: Fold and Flip. The first has an almost tablet-like folding screen, a top of the range in all respects. The Flips, on the other hand, are smaller, with the screen that once extended becomes as large as that of a “classic” smartphone. AND they have a smaller external display, especially for receiving notifications.

Recently, Oppo launched the second generation of this form factor. But the Find N2 Flip brought a bigger displaywhich allows you to see more notifications and even take selfies more easily.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 FlexCam 1.1.6

Ice Universewhich has anticipated many product information in the past Samsungsaid Samsung may also launch a product with a larger external displayAnd. Also of Oppo’s new product.

The new Oppo has a 3.26-inch display, so Samsung should do more than that – although we don’t know how much bigger. And therefore also more easily usable.

However, at the moment these only remain unverified noises. Samsung’s foldable devices will go into production in the coming months, to be ready for the summer launch: we will soon have more information about it. We will keep you informed.

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